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What EVERYONE Gets Wrong When They Work With The Law Of Attraction

Have you been attempting to work with the Law of Attraction for a while now but continuing to fall short on the results?

If your answer is yes then you’ll understand how exciting it can feel at first to come across the “answer” which promises to bring one of your biggest dreams to life, only to find that these feelings are often short lived when after a while of trying – still nothing has changed.

You’ll also get how confusing (and tiring) it can be following all the conflicting advice provided on the internet, in books, audio recordings and thousands of YouTube videos. Yet despite your greatest efforts… it feels like very little has shifted in and around you.

Well in this blog you’ll discover why you’re not alone in this battle with manifesting, what creates this number one issue in the first place, and how you can stop it from continuing to happen to you.  Sound good? Let’s go!

Why do most people struggle to work with the Law of Attraction?

It’s a bit like how everything starts in the beginning.

As I said, the excitement and thrill of having the power to manifest whatever you want is in full swing. Life feels wonderful and your momentum and determination is unstoppable. You may be writing out and saying some powerful affirmations daily or creating an inspirational vision board for yourself. And you’re really into it, all psyched up to see what happens next…. but then, after a few days nothing does.

So you continue to try out your ritual for a little while longer in the hope that it just needs more time. Or maybe at this stage, it’s become boring, life has got too busy and you’ve not practiced you’re new mantra or meditation since last week. Something along those lines?

Before you know it your back to square one, looking for another solution to revamp your belief and commitment to work with the Law of Attraction. The only difference is that this time it feels just that little bit more challenging to get motivated all over again because you’ve been there and done it before. Without much success.

The more methods you try out the harder it becomes to feel positive and believe in the outcome.  And round and round and round we go. In the end all feelings of desire and excitement (the very emotions you’re being encourage to feel all the time!) seem like a distant memory and you’re beginning to wonder – is the Law of Attraction even real?

The reason I’ve talked you through this familiar experience is because it’s the same predictable cycle I’ve heard and witnessed so many of my clients go through. The emotional ups and downs are real and it’s maddening to say the least. Holding onto the belief but not seeing the results.

I know, I’ve been there myself.

But there’s one big common factor amongst all of it that literally blocks any positive work with the Law of Attraction from taking place… and it’s the level of hard work and effort!

People all make the mistake of putting in too much effort with their manifestations! Now this might sound completely crazy but trust me – it’s true.  Everyone gets so caught up in the “doing part” they forget all about the “fantasy” and fun feelings” part. Which is where ALL the power in every single manifestation lies.

Watch my video below where I give you specific instructions on how to step back into this more enjoyable stage of manifesting (successfully) by doing less, not more.



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So just to recap, if you want to overcome the biggest hurdle everyone suffers when they work with the Law of Attraction, then this is what you must do:

Give your desire as much detail as possible

Forget about all the practical details such as when, where and how it will happen. That’s up to the Universe. Your job is to focus only on the specific description of your desire and why you want it.  For example, if you want a new job think about your new role and the fun things it will entail. What will you new office space look like? How much more money will you be making and what will you spend this increased income on?  Focus on the fun details of you manifestation – don’t worry and stress over making stuff happen by trying to fill in all the gaps yourself in an attempt to speed things up. That will just create frustration and overwhelm which quickly backfires leaving you with very little or no results. You need to be in the energy similar to that of a small child writing their Christmas List to Santa so it can be sent off to the North Pole. Only think about your desire when it feels good to think about it.  We want fun, not fatigue!

Find a role model who’s already done it

It can be either someone you know or someone you know of who’s already achieved what you want i.e. a celebrity. Then, learn everything you can about them. Get into the habit of asking yourself frequently – what would “such and such” do if they were in my shoes right now? How would they handle this? This is really effective and helps you step out of your own habitual behaviour and frequent thought processes. It’s also a lot of fun because you can step into this character anytime you want and no one knows! It’s like a secret game you’re playing with an imaginary friend (or the Universe) that is quietly giving you the answers and encouragement you need there and then to stay focused on the outcome.

Practice, practice, practice

Bring the balance into your manifestation by making sure you’re having fun every day and keeping the hard work and struggle to a minimum. Be kind and patient with yourself and keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t get distracted, ignore any little issues that may crop up and stay focused on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Have as much fun and relaxation as you can right now in the present moment and on a daily basis.

Remember the fundamental rule of the Law of Attraction – like brings like. In other words, the Universe can only bring to you more of what you are (already), not what you want. This may sound contradictory but it’s your vibe that attracts and your vibe is made up of your thoughts and your feelings. Not your actions.

That’s why being in the energy of your desire from a fun and light hearted space is the key – just like a child is. They have the ability to do it so effortlessly, without any fear and worry. Unfortunately, this is the tripping point for a lot of adults. It can be really hard to undo years of hardcore beliefs about what’s possible for them and what’s not.

So if after reading this and watching my video you still find it a struggle to work with the Law of Attraction then it’s ok, I’ve got your back! For a simple step by step process to help you master this once and for all and keep you on track with your manifestation every day read my 14 day miracle process here.   

The best of luck!

Love & Light,

Holly xx

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