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Why Your Inner Child Has All The Answers

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When I was a little I always used to moan about going to school and my Nan would say to me "The older you get the faster time flies. One day you'll wish you had these years back". And of course, I never believed her - until now.

Looking back I appreciate her words for what they really meant. I had no serious worries or major responsibilities at that age. If anything I was as free as a bird to take each day as it came.

Just like a brand new adventure or story to embrace.

This is what I miss most about the innocent power of being a child. The high level of magic and momentum you can manifest just by using your imagination...

As soon as we become adults however, this privilege is quickly snatched away from us. We begin having to earn any kind of "playtime" because society tells us this is "reality" once you're a grown up.

And I fell for that oppressive way of life for twelve years, until I discovered a far more inspiring (and successful) way to pursue my dreams...

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Having learnt this lesson the long and hard way, I now believe it's the "norm mindset" that stifles a person's potential, keeping them trapped in an invisible prison which they spend the rest of their life trying to break free from. It's the "no pain no gain" belief system that drives most people to struggle and sacrifice precious time just so they can enjoy a few weeks off a year. So they can do the things they actually want to do with friends and family they love.

Let me ask you a question...

Can you remember the last time you had lots of fun - just for the sake of it? For no other reason other than it was just something fun for you to do.

If you can then great, close your eyes now and recall those wonderful moments in detail. And if you can't then no worries, I'm here to help you release all of these blocks.

Why your inner child is the secret to your success

The Universal Law of Attraction teaches that we are magnets and attract towards us exactly what and who we are.

Based on this spiritual law, a person who spends their life frustrated and constantly trying to be somewhere they aren't... will only end up with more of the same. A bit like an annoying record stuck on repeat.

Sadly this is the story for millions across the globe, whilst the successful, rich, healthy AND genuinely happy types are a rare breed - even amongst A list celebrities!

The number one reason is because the majority have disconnected from their 'inner child'. 

You may have heard of the inner child being vulnerable and insecure, but remember the best version of your inner child is playful and mischievous, inquisitiveness, and ready to live life with arms wide open...

It's this part of your inner child who's fearless and still believes in the freedom to dream and imagine. And basically be whoever you want to be, care-free of what others might say.  

Your real inner child is a magical gift within you that truly defines you as a unique part of creation... and can quickly multiply your ability to manifest

When we're born it's a scientific fact that we only have two fears: a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises. The rest are all projected onto us through learnt behaviour and negative experiences. This is the side which starts to dominate as we get older, blocking the confidence in our true power to achieve anything we want.

And it's all through fear, insecurity and vulnerability - exactly how a small child feels when they're scared. Naturally, for most adults today, this side to them is the decision maker for all of life's big choices.     

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There are two sides to the inner child and this is something a lot of people don't realize. And this is why it's exciting...

Your inner child is responsible for the part of you that knows no limits, that wants to sing, dance, travel, ask questions, play and just have fun. Your inner child is the brave voice in your heart that says 'Go on just do it!' when you really want to do something but instead you allow logic or fear to step in and miss a golden opportunity. 

Your inner child is the infinite sparkle inside of you that doesn't just feel, but knows, whatever you desire in this moment IS possible. It's the side to you which comes alive every now and then relishing in the excitement of a world where your dreams do come true.   

Can you feel that part of you stirring within right now as you read these words?

If you can then you're already halfway there...

Because as the Law of Attraction, and every successful person in human history emphasizes, we attract what we are... and what we believe is true for us.

It's time to reconnect with your beautiful inner child

When I watch a Disney film my inner child comes alive and struts her stuff.

There's nothing I enjoy more than getting lost in Beauty & The Beast or The Little Mermaid whilst eating an unforgivably large bowl of Ben & Jerry's ice cream lol

Listening to music and reading are also other ways I like to connect with my child-like self. It's these kinds of activities where I can reignite hopes and dreams and allow all serious adult concerns to move a million miles away. It's a blissful escapism which makes room for the playful, confident and fun-loving side of me to take the lead. 

You are never too old to be fun, care-free and child-like. 

Now don't get me wrong, this isn't about throwing all caution to the wind and being stupidly irresponsible...

This is about you reconnecting with who you were born to be and allowing yourself to be free to dream again. 

Because the more you do, the more fun you'll have.  Meaning the Universe will line up opportunities for you to experience even more fun. And the ways and means for your desires to become real, will start showing up too. In the most miraculous of ways. 

So the next time you hear a song on the radio and feel like singing and dancing - go for it!

When you're bored and feel like being spontaneous, listen to that courageous inner voice that tells you what it wants to do. And no matter how crazy or silly it sounds, do it.   

If you have children of your own or nieces and nephews then spend more time with them and follow their lead. Your inner child will naturally respond and come out to join in!

Get into the habit of doing something fun with your inner child daily and the miracle experiences you begin to attract into your life will amaze you. Because you will be opening yourself up to a fresh, fearless way of thinking where the power of imagination becomes your full blown reality.

Have fun!

Love & Light,

Holly xx

PS: If the subject of the "inner child" stirs up some negative emotion within you, then click here for a wonderfully powerful two step exercise to heal past pain

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6 years ago

I absolutely love your post! It really touched me, because so often I feel like I am getting consumed by this everyday life without letting myself enjoy little things in life like the one your mentioned: “Eating ice cream while watching christmas movies.” These little things sound so simple and so liberating at the same time. Thank you for this great inspirational post and I think your website is amazing!

6 years ago

how do you the idea of writing like this Holly?
it is so beautiful..

Momma Bear
Momma Bear
6 years ago

What a beautiful post! I was just talking to my friends the other day about how it would be so wonderful to be able to be a kid again for just one day. I have little ones on my own so I get to spend a lot of time with my inner child. It’s such an amazing feeling being able to forget about all the responsibilities of the world and truly concentrate on just having fun. Thank you so much for your inspirational post. I look forward to reading more.

6 years ago

I think the process of learning to be human and becoming a fully realized person requires that we take good care of our self.

Spiritual teachers tell us to be gentle and to be kind. It begins with being gentle and kind to our self and loving the inner child.

6 years ago

Absolutely love the post! I really love the idea of loving your inner child. My favorite piece from this post was where you talked about the inner child not knowing any boundaries. I feel like so many people now a days grow up to fast and are afraid to sing, dances, and play! They need to learn how to embrace it and use it for good. Thanks for the great content. I look forward to seeing more posts! Cheers

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