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Small steps... that can make a big difference today

Many of us are familiar with the concept of The Secret by Rhonda Bryne.

The Secret in essence teaches that if we want something – we can make it happen. On the condition that we ask with intention, believe it can happen, which then ultimately results in us receiving what we desire.

For many this sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? “If only it were that simple Holly!” I hear you say…I mean, if it truly were, no one would have to lift a finger would they? Life would be one long walk in the park and nothing bad would ever happen. We would have everything we ever wanted!

A lot of people think this way and dismiss the Law of Attraction (aka LOA) as being complete wishy washy nonsense.

Although you and I know better.

I know the LOA is real as I’ve applied it in my own life and seen the results first hand. I’ve used it to manifest money, promotions, new jobs, properties, holidays and even lovers. 

Big and small changes of all kinds. So much so to the point where it’s become a way of life to me.

And my most successful stories have all come about from initially changing my way of thinking and feeling. 

It’s as simple as that.

No matter what anyone tells you, there is no amount of action in the world that can make up for what we think and believe about ourselves. 

You become and experience what you think about the most. Whether it’s good or bad, it becomes your reality because like attracts like.

So why is it then if we have big dreams and ideas which we fantasize about often, they still never come about?

Well before I share something very special with you I’m going to explain the number one reason why people struggle with using the Law Of Attraction. And then dismiss it as either “not working” or disbelieve it altogether. 

The Law of Attraction Is An Energy (like gravity) 

Energy is all around us. This is a scientific fact; it’s called physics. Energy is made up of both positive and negative particles. For example, a proton is positive, whereas an electron is negative. I am no physicist but what I do know is that everything (including our bodies) is made up of particles within particles – which ultimately equates to energy.

Think about it; the four elements… earth, wind, fire and water. Energy which interrelates and impacts on other energies around it  – regardless of what form, shape and size it takes. 

Based on this scientific fact, the Law of Attraction teaches us that we attract what we think about the most. Although this is misinterpreted as “If I think about a million dollars or romance, I will attract it”

And yes, the truth is, it is meant to be this easy and straightforward.    

Although the mindset and mentality of the person who’s thinking these thoughts is the key to whether or not the outcome is successful. Bringing me back positive versus negative energy. 

The general consensus amongst us is that you need to have something in order to be happy so you can do what you want. 

For example, you might may say: “If I had a Lamborghini I would be happy because I could travel in style and luxury and go wherever I wanted, whenever. People would also be impressed and admire me having such a beautiful car”.

But the LOA actually works in reverse…

Being doing having


The Law of Attraction is about feeling and attracting with intent. You need to be genuinely happy with the fantasy of your desire by believing it’s possible that you can and will have whatever you’re wanting by focusing your mind upon it.

Having is the result, which The Secret refers to as  ‘receiving’ but notice it is still the last phase in the process.

  1. Asking
  2. Believing
  3. Receiving

A lot of people fail at the second stage. Asking and wanting is no problem (we spend most of our time doing this) but it’s the beliefs we got going on that contradict what we desire. This blocks the third stage of receiving.

Because most of the world’s population are stuck between asking and believing and bouncing between these two most of their lives.

Sometimes things work well and sometimes they don’t. That is the common experience for the masses.

You are ALREADY working with the Law of Attraction Every Day

Do you sometimes find that you’re thinking about something or someone…. and then suddenly that thing you thought of is suddenly mentioned to you or that certain someone calls you out the blue? We have all had these “coincidences” – and we think “wow, what that’s funny… I was just thinking about that or about you!”

There are no such things as coincidences.

Remember, the Law of Attraction is just like gravity. It exists – whether someone believes in it or not.  The results created are just a reflection of what the most predominant thought it. 

So this what I would like you to do to get your biggest desire shifting in a more positive direction…

Imagine. That is the key word here. Imagine. Imagine with a feeling of positive intent.

Your imagination knows no boundaries so take a minute now to close your eyes and imagine the exact outcome.

Connect with the feeling of it as if it were happening right now, this very moment. See it unfolding in your mind’s eye.

Be playful and spend some time running through all the details.

Then after about five minutes I would like you to open your eyes and give yourself a score out of 10 for how good you felt.

Did you score 10/10? If you did then practice this exercise every day for the next seven days (do not skip a day) and watch what starts to happen…

Those “coincidences” in relation to that particular desired outcome will start flowing into your experience. Maybe in small ways at first but they will start to become more and more obvious. Before you know it the opportunities to make that outcome a reality will be right in front of you.

Did you score lower than a 10? Chances are you then felt some negative emotion and doubts come up during this exercise. To go much deeper with this and start manifesting quickly watch my video below which talks you through the process in more detail.


You’ve just hit upon the exact thoughts and beliefs that are blocking the very outcome you want.

The trick to pushing past these pesky doubts and negative beliefs is very easy – and fun.

All it requires is some fine tuning of the conversation you got going on in your head, that’s all. And trust me, this can be a game, almost like child’s play.

It’s quick and powerful on the condition that you are consistent with it.

Click here for my The Law of Attraction Miracle Process which is a fail proof approach to manifesting that myself and my clients have used to eradicate blocks haunting us since childhood. Even the world’s top psychologists swear by it.

It takes the stress and struggle out of receiving and instead teaches you how to trust and allow the Universe to do all the work (so you don’t have to)

Because that after all is what your life is meant to be about – fun, freedom and joy.

Happy manifesting!

Love & Light,

Holly xx

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4 years ago

I’ve had really bad experiences with the Law of Attraction, and it partly comes from the negative and stressful environment that I live in. I’ve studied much of this before, and have experienced many scams (obviously not saying this page is a scam). I’ve also had a bad time with meditation, since I could never get myslef into the mood. Basically in summary, my and the metaphysical activities, goes like water and oil.

4 years ago

I have heard of the Law of Attraction before, but only briefly. I have never had someone explain it to me in depth like this before. It is really very interesting. As humans, we always try to control all aspects of our environment, I think. So letting go is difficult, at least it always has been for me. But, recently I had some health challenges that made me realize that living a life that I don’t love is not worth it. I really enjoyed this article. Thanks for sharing =)

4 years ago

Hi there, great article. LOA is a very debated topic but I have personally seen the benefits of it in my life. I think a lot of people dismiss LOA because of a few situations where it does not seem to hold up. For example, if something bad happens does it mean this person attracted that negative event. Even though LOA in my opinion does not make sense in that situation there are a million other situations where I have seen great benefits. Being happy and a positive person for example I think is very attainable using LOA. I think… Read more »

4 years ago

Law of attraction ( LOA) This is the first time since I heard someone explaining to me about the law of attraction. Your site is similar is I would gone to university to read all what I have read from your blog. Thanks a lot actually I have gone with something from this article.
Thanks Divican

4 years ago

Hello Holly, I like your article. As a believer in the LOA, I always find it interesting to read individuals’ different explanations. To me, its simplest interpretation is that thoughts become things. Everything we have ever accomplished has first been a thought (e.g. I do/don’t want to study in college, I do/don’t want to get married, etc.) Our thoughts have the power to change our perspective on our lives, which determine what it is we see and, eventually, receive. One man’s shack is another man’s castle. Anyway, I could go on too! But I will just say that I am… Read more »

4 years ago

Hello Holy,
I am happy that I found your article about LOA because I love this topic :-). I love the challenge that you gave to readers of your blog. I will definitely try this out. Results could be very interesting and give as the proof that LOA works.
I would like to attract better financial freedom for myself and hope that I will be successful with this. Do you have any suggestions how to visualize this?

Small steps that can make a big difference today.... 
Think Tranquility
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