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Use Your Negative Emotions To Quickly Manifest

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to use your negative emotions to quickly manifest?

Do you find yourself battling negative emotions regularly? Are you keen to use the Law of Attraction to manifest but finding it hard to keep on top of persistent negative thoughts and feelings? Is being too “emotional” becoming a big issue for you and an obstacle in the most important areas of your life?

Well if so, then here’s the good news! Today you’re going to find out exactly what negative emotion is, what it really means and how you can use it to your advantage to manifest whatever you’d like – quickly.

Yes, trust me when I say you really can do this. And it does work. Especially if you’re very kinaesthetic by nature like me.

Watch my video below to find out exactly how you can use your negative emotions to quickly manifest… plus join in on an intuitive and fun exercise with me for some spiritual guidance halfway through – if you wish.

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So just to recap – any negative emotion and the intensity of it is a very clear indication of how much you’re cutting yourself off from you. You being who you were born to be – happy, loving, peaceful and living a joyful life filled with purpose and passion.

Of course, anger and frustration are the complete opposite of that and prevents positive manifestations from coming into your experience.

Although understanding this, and what these indications feel like, gives you the advantage of being able to use your negative emotions to quickly manifest by taking back control.

The word emotion (e-motion) basically means “energy in motion”.  That’s why we can physically feel these sensations in our body. Overtime, if experienced frequently,  all these negative e-motions aka. energies lead to tension, stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

A lot of people get used to this kind of lifestyle to the extent where they don’t know or expect any different. And sadly it becomes their point of attraction which the Universe responds to and provides more of. This reinforces their negative habits of thought which reinforces their beliefs about life.

Remember… when working with the Law of Attraction, you always only attract what you are – not necessarily what you want. This is how millions get tripped up and struggle to hold onto the good that they may manifest from time to time.

But if you take stock of your emotions frequently by practicing what I describe in the video you can quickly connect with what’s really going on deep down. Tapping into how you’re feeling in any given moment is the key to proactively shift all that negative stuff, for good.

It’s also a lot of fun and proves exactly how powerful you really are in situations that may have had you feeling trapped!

Final thoughts and what you can expect next

By consistently using and working with your negative emotions to manifest you’ll:

  • Become more intuitive and get to know yourself better
  • Deepen your connection with the Universe and everyone around you
  • Have more control and clarity in everyday situations

Our emotions (including the nasty negative ones!) are our biggest asset in navigating the ups and downs of life. They’re a precious guidance tool to assist in the figuring out of who we truly are and what needs to shift if we want to reach a state of real peace and happiness.

So please don’t be afraid of your own emotions because they’re there to serve and strengthen you. If you embrace and honour them wholeheartedly, you’ll see your dreams manifest in half the time. Guaranteed.

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