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Think Tranquility

Small steps... that can make a big difference today


In previous articles I’ve touched upon how quite frequently in life the worst experiences can sometimes be the making of us.

I wasn’t quite sure how to “hit the nail on the head” with this but then ironically I remembered a particular story I was told when I was a little girl. You’ve probably heard it too. It depicts the essence of my message completely so I wanted to share it with you….

The Story of The Ugly Duckling

“One very warm sunny afternoon a mother duck, who had been patiently waiting, watches as her baby ducks begin to hatch one by one. They are so cute and fluffy – just perfect. Except for one….

The largest and one of the last to hatch, is a horrible colour! Unlike the others who are a lovely soft yellow, this one is grey and revolting to look at!

The mother duck takes all her babies down to the river for a swim, which they all naturally take to in no time. Despite the ugly duckling being one of the better swimmers, his brothers and sisters (and all the other ducks) make fun of him for the way he looks. He is repeatedly bullied and made to feel unwelcome. Despite this he tries to be like everyone else.

Things get so bad that eventually he runs away. The ugly duckling doesn’t know where to go so he just keeps running and running until he comes across a calm, still lake.

He stops to peep through the bushes along the edge.

There the little duck sees the most elegant and breathtaking of creatures he has ever seen. They are pure white and have long slender necks. They glide through the water so effortlessly, creating no splash or sound.

The ugly duckling starts crying heart wrenching sobs because all he wants is to be loved and accepted.

For the next couple of months the Ugly Duckling keeps himself to himself and at a distance from the swans, afraid of being rejected.

Although fascinated he watches them regularly, dreaming that he could perhaps one day be their friend.

Before long, the winter months melt away and the warmth breaks through in full force.

One day, heading down to the lake, as he usually does, the ugly duckling glances at his reflection before jumping in. He cannot believe his eyes. His grey feathers are transforming into a brilliant snowy white! His wish has finally come true and his heart leaps for joy. Without hesitation he swims over to the others to show off his colours because he too can now be one of them.

He soon makes lots of friends and is at peace knowing he’s now where he belongs…. amongst the most magnificent and beautiful of them all”

The reason I wanted to share this is because even though there are times in our lives where we are made to believe we are unworthy, it doesn’t determine who we are actually are.

How do you know that you’re not on the brink of transforming in a way that allows your natural elegance and prowess to surface?

The ugly duckling was a cygnet and could have joined the swans anytime he liked – but he never did. Instead he spent months lonely and miserable all by himself.


He was convinced that he would be rejected because for so long he was convinced he was ugly. It was only once he saw the physical proof that he had the courage to approach the swans.

Your past does not have the power to define you but it can destroy your future if you let it. Sometimes we have to create that physical “proof” for ourselves.

Are you playing the role of the ugly duckling based on past experiences? Has a lack of love ensured your feathers never EVER change colour?

Well, let me tell you now – you were born to be a swan and therefore deserve to mingle with the very best.

It’s also the “very best” that endure all the heartache and pain. That’s what gives them the edge, making them stand out from everyone else.

In what way can you embrace who you really are and become a swan… starting today?

Love and Light,

Holly xx

Since transforming my own life I have coached many people through feelings of unworthiness so they can create more confidence and happiness within themselves….

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Small steps that can make a big difference today.... 
Think Tranquility
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