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The Reason Me & The Queen Have Two Birthdays


Today is my 30th Birthday!

I cannot believe I am no longer twenty something 🙁
Although people say I look nowhere near 30 so that’s something I suppose…

As I’m in New Zealand at the moment I spent the majority of the day by some hot pools sunning myself. It was amazing.

So much has changed in the last year and it has seemed like forever since I relaxed and allowed myself to switch off. Having that time to just “be” and treat myself was exactly what I had been needing. Which got me to thinking…

You may or may not know the Queen has two birthdays a year.
Her actual birthday in April (when she was born) and then a second “official” birthday in June known as “Trooping The Colour”.

This has been tradition for British Monarchs now for over 260 years.

Well – I KNOW that I’m on my true path now. I was born to be an Empowerment Coach and a writer. I feel that so strongly within every cell of my body and the Universe has quickly proven it to me very clearly in the last several months.

Which is the same as to how the Queen’s destiny was mapped out for her. She never thought she would ever become Queen.

So from now on I’ve decided that I’m going to give MYSELF at least two birthdays a year (maybe even more).

One to mark my proper birthday and the other to celebrate the person I was born to be.

I believe every single one of us are destined for something spectacular. We are all 100% unique and have something exceptional to contribute to this planet in a way that no one else can.

Only YOU can fulfill your own destiny.

This alone is something that should be celebrated not annually – but daily.

Don’t you agree?

Love & Light,

Holly xx

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