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The Power & Magic Of Writing Affirmations

law of attraction, writing affirmations, affirmations, the power of writing affirmationsThe power of writing affirmations is very underrated. I have personally found that by writing affirmations, results are produced a lot more quickly, compared with just saying them out loud.

Why Writing Affirmations Is More Powerful

By writing your affirmations they are turned into a physical form, something to visibly look at, and the process of writing leaves more of a powerful impression on the mind. Similar to when learning or remembering something; by writing the words down your brain is more likely to retain and accept the information.

This makes it feel even more real, which is where the true magic starts and the Universe can get to work on your behalf. Speed up this fun process by clicking here for even more powerful techniques. 

Plus, the added beauty of putting pen to paper is it helps you to consciously expand your imagination. This boosts problem solving skills and enhances clarity when you're feeling confused about something.

And if you are struggling to articulate how you're feeling, you can literally put your thoughts out on paper and identify where the true problem lies. This works very quickly and will aid you in choosing the right affirmation for the exercise below. You can target the negative belief and then put together your own positive affirmation that states the opposite.

This way you know it's got even more chance of working because you've already identified the negative thought/belief that's been blocking you.

Whether you want to manifest more money into your life or let go of the blocks toward love -  writing affirmations will definitely help to shift some of the energy.

Watch my video below to discover more about the magic of writing or if you prefer, carry on reading...

For maximum effect, when writing affirmations do the following;

  • Find a peaceful place to relax and sit quietly by yourself with no distractions.
  • Choose the sentence that you're going to write (keep it short and snappy). Play with words and find an affirmation that you can really feel positive emotion around when you say or think it. If you feel excited - you've hit the jackpot.  
  • Write the affirmation slowly, taking your time to say the affirmation out loud simultaneously. As you are saying it really try to connect with the outcome as if it were a reality already. 
  • Repeat this process at least three times but the more you write it out the better of course!
  • Follow this procedure daily at least twice and/or whenever you get the opportunity. First thing in the morning and just before bed are my favourite times.

Read through your affirmations regularly and spend time just meditating and visualizing them as real in your mind. Remember that this process should be fun - do not treat it like a chore. It is a time for you to fantasize and focus on your desires... almost like a child writing out their Christmas wish list to Santa 🙂

What You Can Expect

The power of writing affirmations is that it makes the Law of Attraction work a lot faster for you. On average I have felt and witnessed a shift in a matter of days. The beauty of it is that you can use this process for literally anything. It really is magical as you will soon discover!

You may find whilst writing affirmations that you feel some resistance or discomfort - that's normal. Overcome this by clicking here for my free gift which shows you how to target the real problem that's blocking you once and for all.   

Lots of Love & Light,

Holly xx

PS: If you want to use writing to speed up your results even faster using the Law of Attraction click here for something extra special

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