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Have you ever been ignored or made to feel like you don’t matter? And has this made you question yourself and wonder if there is something wrong with you?

If you’ve answered yes, then you’re like most normal human beings. And please don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you either!

Being treated badly by others is one of the harsh realities of life and sadly, it’s unavoidable.

Yet when we choose to live by spiritually based philosophies such as the Law of Attraction, we’re told to not judge, forgive, and only think happy, loving thoughts.

It isn’t always that easy though and depending on our history, it’s not as simple as “getting over it” because some core wounds can last a lifetime. Especially when they originate from childhood, as most do, and you need to connect with your inner child for the answers.

So manifesting a better life using the Law of Attraction is not always so straightforward.

Although in this article I’m going to fully explain why negative emotion can actually be your best friend at times when it feels like no one else is.

Plus I’m also going to share how embracing painful emotion can be a blessing in:

Why using anger to manifest with the Law of Attraction is so powerful

Despite trying to apply numerous personal development and therapeutic techniques, there was a period in my life where I continuedly felt stuck. And no matter what anyone told me such as “the past is in the past” and “you need to think more positively” I simply couldn’t.

It became clear that I had no choice but to deal with these underlying negative emotions that were haunting me once and for all…

So what did I do?

I decided to cut to the chase and use anger to manifest. And trust me when I say it worked!

I was able to move forward productively whilst the Universe got busy delivering the breakthroughs I needed to fully align with my purpose.

Watch the video below to hear my story and discover exactly how I did this (so you can too)

Alternatively, carry on reading…

Learn more about the 14 day Law of Attraction Miracle Process mentioned in the video or go one step further where I show you how to Ignite Your Passion & Purpose

The Law of Attraction “emotional guidance scale”

Having coming from a background of self-harm, attempted suicide/s, alcoholism and drug addiction (plus many other self sabotaging habits) I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction and the power of the Universe.

Watch the video above to hear my full story.

But in order to manifest positive results for myself (that lasted) I had to swim through a sea of anger, revenge, hatred, bitterness, frustration, resentment and rage.

So if you’re in a position right now where you’re trying to manifest money, love or success in your life and no matter what you do, your manifestations aren’t coming into full fruition – chances are you have a lot of repressed emotion.

Here’s what to do.

Using anger to manifest is quite a controversial way of going about it, but it does work and it’s very powerful. Let me give you an example of what I mean…

During my teenage years I was very angry at the world and my parents for various reasons. I was pissed off and hated myself. Again see video above for more info.

After being expelled from high school and experiencing a pregnancy scare it dawned on me that I needed to get my life in order. And after having been when I was younger, living in America was the only thing that I could think of that had ever excited me, making me think “Wow, wouldn’t it be amazing if I could achieve that”

So I channeled all of that negative emotion and resentment towards my family and those that had hurt me into getting to America.

And step by step things began to unfold perfectly. Because this is precisely how the Universe steps in (no matter where you’re at emotionally), when you actively and positively use negative emotion to work for you on your behalf.

I realized very quickly when doing this  “You know what, this is real. This can actually work for me”. So I completely turned my life around and left everyone else shocked.

When you actively use the Law of Attraction to manifest by applying a sense of rejection, abandonment, disappointment – or whatever negative emotion it is that you’re feeling – with certain people and situations (or maybe just life in general!) it’s empowering.

By thinking to yourself “I’m going to use this heartache as my weapon and part of my ammunition to prove everybody wrong” it enables you to move up what’s known as the emotional guidance scale. And this is spoken of by all the best spiritual gurus out there such as Abraham Hicks and Louise Hay. It enables you to transcend and manifest your dreams properly by moving through the negative emotion and letting it go for good.

There’s no other way around it. The only way is to fully immerse yourself in that anger and channel it into something positive that makes you come alive.

And if there has been a lot of people that have hurt you, making you believe you’re not good enough then let me tell you something else…

Success is the best form of revenge.

Although if a lack of worthiness in regards to love and success continues to trip you up then my 14 day Law of Attraction Miracle Process will teach you step by step how to overcome this.

Allow your dreams (and the Universe) to carry you

There’s so many examples of rich and famous people who’ve had very tough upbringings. If you look at their background and stories – they’ve taken all that aggression and anger by channelling it into their dreams. And it carries them.

It literally takes them to heights and to places that at one point they probably never ever believed was possible for them. And that is the power of working with the Law of Attraction and using anger to manifest whatever you want.

This approach enables you to reconnect with your innate passion, purpose, power and productivity very quickly. And from there you can use it to get you wherever you want to go.

Because it’s not about where you’ve been, it’s about where you’re going. It’s all about now and what you’re doing with that emotion in the present. It’s important to honour where you are. And that means not denying your hurt and pain by trying to force yourself to feel something that you just simply don’t feel right now.

And when you use your imagination and your dreams to carry you and you connect with them (even if initially you’re coming from a place of revenge) it doesn’t matter.

You’ll feel yourself moving up the emotional guidance scale and the physical manifestations will reflect this – and stay. They won’t come and go like they may have been because you would have shifted those lower energies and beliefs you once carried. For good.

This has been the only remedy that has given me the strength to heal properly, love and value myself in new ways.

I learned how to not only accept and even love those feelings but use them to my advantage.  This was the only way I was able to move beyond them and into a higher level of self-awareness and positive perspective.

So don’t be ashamed of where you are right now. Use whatever you’re experiencing to make it work for you so you can use it as a platform to create all the dreams you want for yourself.

If I can do it then so can you.

Love & Light,

Holly xx

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