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Stop Self Sabotaging Behaviour


Self sabotaging behaviour is an activity that we all engage in. Whether we are aware of it or not, we love to self sabotage and unfortunately we spend the majority of our lives doing so. Most of us have big dreams and our own idea of what makes up the perfect lifestyle. We say that we want ‘this and that’ more than anything else… so how come we don’t get very far in obtaining them? Stop self sabotaging behaviour today and see how far you get. You may just surprise yourself.

Some of us not only know what we want but we also know exactly what steps we need to take to get there. Why do we still we not do anything about it? Self sabotaging behaviour proves to be one of the biggest obstacles we face time and time again. Although, how can we stop self sabotaging behaviour unless we can recognize it for what it is? 

stop self sabotaging behaviour

The Truth Behind Our Biggest Fears 

Several months back I came across a quote by Marianne Williamson called Our Deepest Fear which I published on this website. In recent weeks, it has kept coming back to me when I observe and listen to others. This got me thinking about my own reasons for not achieving a lot of the goals I have wanted to. The truth is I do engage in a lot of self sabotaging because I am frightened of my own natural abilities. I am frightened of the consequences that pursuing them will bring about; the people that may disappear from my life, the inevitable changes that will need to be made if I take a risk by jumping in the deep end.  Instead I procrastinate and look for external reasons/excuses  not to take actions that I know will inevitably help me move closer to the very things I claim to desire.

Some may say that this proves a lack of commitment or motivation – but how true is that? Consciously we know we are capable of a lot, but still we choose not to act on these strengths we possess. Just like the quote Our Deepest Fear states; a part of us of is unnerved by our own power within. We carry a lot of fear around inside of us which reflects in a lack of self confidence, self belief, self esteem… the qualities are endless.  It is these insecurities which subtly undermine any minor efforts we make to bring about change.

The Power of the Subconscious

Self sabotage is our biggest stumbling block, causing stop self sabotaging behaviourus to be our own worst enemy.  It’s crazy isn’t it? Like sitting in a luke-warm bath; you want to get out but you can’t be bothered to move because getting out is going to be colder than staying in.  We are funny creatures and it is amazing what our subconscious mind will try to make us do to protect us from getting hurt or being disappointed. When you break it down and step back you see how stupid and self sabotaging our habits and responses to life actually are.

So ask yourself the following. Do you want to be successful? What would you like to do? Would you like to make a difference in people’s life, travel the world and/or be your own boss? How badly do you desire these things? What’s stopping you? Are you guilty of procrastinating? Negative self talk? Finding excuses and blaming other people? Do all you ever do is talk about what you want but never get round to it?

If this is the case, perhaps it’s time to take some baby steps towards some life long ambitions? Stop self sabotaging behaviour now and start by reading my personal development recommendations.

Take a leap of faith and make some breakthroughs.

Until next time…

sending lots of Love & Light,

Holly xx 


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Dear Holly
Thank you for this amazing message, this is a perfect time for me to read, and a very good reminder to stay positive because many life changing events are ahead of me at this moment!
Lots of love and blessings!
Eleonora xx

jennifer harry
jennifer harry

Hi Holly,
Eleonora is right, this is a great message. I am certainly guilty of self-sabotage, but trying each day to rid myself of this trait. It is hard I must admit, but the more I practise the better I get at doing it.

Small steps that can make a big difference today.... 
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