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Ultimate Abundance

Are you tired of your life?

Do you need an energy boost to feel motivated again?

How many goals have you set for yourself that you are just not achieving?

Is your mind constantly plagued with fear, worry and doubt?

Does your self esteem and lack of confidence stop you from taking action?


I used to feel all of these things and I reached a point where I was at my wits end. Constantly feeling like I was going round in circles and chasing my own tail (just like a dog!), I was not getting anywhere. Quite regularly, I would spend hours pouring over self help articles online, trying to get myself psyched, but… nothing.

I had experimented with meditations before and had some good results in the way I thought and felt afterwards. I was aware of how powerful the human mind was but felt overwhelmed. There is so much information out there in regards to ‘self help’. To be honest it was all a bit mind boggling which never made me feel any better. If anything it added to the frustration and confusion I was already feeling about my life.

That was around the time I discovered Ed Lester’s Ultimate Abundance Mastery Program

My Personal Review

Initially, I thought it all sounded too good to be true. Although for some reason… the way Ed Lester spoke and the more I found out about the program, the more it simply resonated with me. So after some serious debating, I decided to take the plunge. After all, there was a 60 day money back guarantee, so I had nothing to lose (especially considering it was under £20 anyway). Since then, I have not looked back.

The Ultimate Abundance Mastery Program for me has been life changing! When I first purchased the program I was apprehensive and skeptical about what it could do for me. Well, in the space of one year I got promoted at work, got fit and healthy, met someone special and purchased my first property. Purchasing this program was one of the best moves I have ever made. It was like someone switching the light on and forcing me to take a good look at my life and the direction I was headed. Even now, I cannot believe the amount of changes that have taken place in such a short space of time… and continue to. 

The following review is 100% genuine and out of all the self help recommendations I give – I cannot vouch for this product enough. It is simply the best and delivers real results… fast. If you are ready for amazing changes to manifest in your life then I would strongly consider this program. It is more than affordable and it works, no question.      


Ed Lester’s Ultimate Abundance Mastery Program – The Guaranteed Pathway To Success 

ultimate abundance

This magical program consists of 16 modules which ideally you listen to in order before moving onto the next. Ed Lester is the genius behind these audio recordings and has a very relaxing and calm voice. Unlike some meditations you may have heard in the past, this is very easy to listen to and not theatrical in any way.  Ed explains the concept behind every meditation, so although there are 16 recordings, if you include the intros there are actually 32.   

I can honestly say that I completely stand by this course and would recommend it to EVERYONE. The beauty of the program is that there are 16 very different audios. Once you have listened to them all (by then you will have experienced drastic changes), you can alternate depending on what mood you are in. For example, if you need to feel motivated you would listen to the motivation track, if you need to unwind you would listen to the relaxation meditation and so on. Each recording varies in time but the longest one is 30 minutes, so just one recording a day is still enough if you do not have a lot of time to spare. 



All of the modules cover a variety of relative topics that we all need guidance on every now and then. To give you an overview of what is included here is the list;

  1. The Instant Relaxation Habit
  2. Cosmic Self Confidence
  3. Your Virtual Personal Trainer (Health, Fitness, Energy & Vitality) **This module also comes with a Weight Loss bonus track! 🙂 **
  4. Gratitude, Happiness & Positivity **This module also comes with a Financial Abundance audio**
  5.  Instant Motivation & Energy
  6. Source Code For Success
  7. Get In Control of Your Life
  8. Subconscious Learning (Knowledge & Curiosity Enhancement)
  9. Create Your Personal Life Vision
  10. Stop Self Sabotaging
  11. Personal Freedom & Inner Harmony
  12. Love & Connection
  13. Professional Communication Skills
  14. Feel More Assertive & Respected
  15. Crystal Clear Mind – Think more concisely &  make better decisions
  16. The Hidden Forces of Abundance

All the self help products and services you can think of are all combined in this program. Any emotional and mental blocks you are currently experiencing with your life will be addressed. You cannot go wrong and I sincerely mean that. Plus, there is a 60 day money back guarantee, so you will not be out of pocket should you change your mind.

An Inspiration

The Ultimate Abundance Mastery Program is not only a product that I would encourage people to purchase. It is also one of the inspirations behind Think Tranquility and my obsession with self development. If you have been looking for change and purpose in your life then look no further. The Ultimate Abundance Mastery Program will give you everything you could possibly be looking for and then some. It helped me find the strength within to accomplish goals I felt were out of my depth.  I can guarantee that you will see miracles in your life within a matter of weeks.  So what are you waiting for? Be brave, grab this opportunity, and take a step towards your brilliant future. 

Should you have any questions or would like me to clarify any of the above please email me at or alternatively leave a comment below.

Good luck on your ultimate abundance journey!

Lots of Love & Light,

Holly xx









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Hi Holly, I can relate to the feelings of having no hope. During a particularly cold winter and dark period in my life where everything felt the same, same life, same routine, same eating habits, same thoughts, same routine, etc. Some days I did not feel like getting up so that I would not have to experience the same routine again. But that’s not a great solution either. Depression can be disheartening because it’s a hard topic to talk about. I was taught to always keep a smile on your face even if you did not feel so happy inside.… Read more »

I have never heard about Ultimate Abundance Mastery Program, but it does sound very interesting.

All 16 subjects that you mentioned above are crucial for personal development, self-growth, health, and lifestyle. These are important elements or ultimate tools for life. We all need to learn those!

I am gonna register myself as a member (since it is FREE) and fill out the questionnaire to give it a try. I will explore and come back to you with questions!

Thanks for the product review and share with us this important information!

Anh Nguyen
Reading WInn’s comment reminds me of my own experience. I used to be depressed during a span of two years where things seem almost stuck and I felt like I have no where to go. What helped me was to step up to it and started to act despite my fears, in reminiscence, I am very grateful for what I did, otherwise I wouldn’t know where I’d be today. What I usually listen to is an app called Calm where they offers audios to meditate to, do you know about it? Thank you for sharing these products, what I really… Read more »
Robert Basaker

Holly, I just ran across your article on Ultimate Abundance Mastery Program and found it very interesting. These are all topics that we typically need help with. I’m particularly interested in the weight loss and, in fact, the entire series looks like a total mind, body and spirit transition program. The program is very reasonably priced so I am going to go with your recommendation and purchase them. Great way to start off the new year. I will be back and give you an update on my experience.
Thanks for the information.


Awesome reviews.

For the first program by Ed Lester, are these affirmation tracks? Would this be something that I can listen to in my car?

It looks like you’ve really turned your life around with these programs and that is a beautiful thing.

Thanks for sharing! And all the best going forward.


Hi Holly,

I never heard about Ed Lester. What are his credentials?

I am all about changing my life to the better. I love reading Tony Robbins’, Napoleon Hill’s, Stephen R. Covey’s, and many other great leaders’ books.
I am not saying that I am already a better person because of those books.

I just feel I need to keep changing constantly to the better me.

Should I listen and follow Ed Lester?


Hi Angel,
First of all Thank you for your wonderful article about Ultimate Abundance Mastery Program.I feel like it will be more helpful especially to bloggers who are taking enough stress and I guess this is an all in one ultimate tool,i.e, required for everyone’s life.Thank you once again for giving a great awareness by introducing one of best products with a nice review.Definitely, I will look forward to this product and I hope I can clear any further clarification with you if I got stuck.


Hey, very nice post. It’s incredible how listening to something can totally change your view over life. You are the best example, you said about all those good things that happened to you after listening to the tracks.This means that they actually work! I’m really thinking about buying that CD, I really loved hearing your experience 🙂

Kimmy fish

Hi holly, thanks so much for this piece, its full of great useful information! I usually listen to self-help things on Youtube, not so easy without an internet connection! Maybe if i bought the CD or downloaded an ebook or audio tape this would be a better solution for me. Thanks for such a detailed personal review, makes reading it so much easier to understand!


Hi Holly, thanks for sharing your experience her 🙂

Well, I was looking for some sort of self-improvement program to make me more motivated and reach my success. I’m building a business (although it is still at baby stage) but I feel overwhelmed.

The Abundance Mastery Program looks good. How long can you expect to finish all the 16 course? Also, is there an effect if I heard it at Night before sleeping?

Thank you very much 🙂

Hi Holly, I am very impressed with your site. It is an island of refuge in a tumultuous sea. I was touched by your story and very impressed with your recovery. You have a very strong will and determination, as well as a very warm soul. Somehow I managed to survive the 80’s, quite the party years. I am 53 now and have begun looking internally for self growth. I wish I had focused internally years ago instead of focusing on the external world for so long. Back then there was self hypnosis, and EST, my parents called them est… Read more »
Derek Marshall

Hi there,

The Abundance master program sounds awesome. How much of this is based around the law of attraction and material by Rhonda Byrne?

There seems to be a lot of programs out there relating to manifestation but few about abundance. Personally I think I will go ahead and get it and get out of my scarcity and limited mind set.


Interesting product. Are they guided meditations? subliminal? audible affirmations? Or is it just lecture?
Also, how long is each track and how long does it take to get through the program? I appreciate that I can listen to sample track, but would have appreciated clicking right from your website. Thanks for your review.


Hi Holly~
This program sounds like something that could be very invaluable to me and at such an affordable price!
Are you actually saying that with this program alone, you were able to master all the things that you have listed?
I find that somewhat hard to imagine that just one program can help a person achieve so much but I can use all the help I can get!
I will try this per your recommendation and if I find that it helps me achieve just ONE thing, it will be well worth it.
Thank you so much for sharing!

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