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Physical Well Being

physical well being

Our health and fitness levels are vital in order for us to lead a productive  and satisfying lifestyle all round. Similar to finding the time to relax; our physical well being is also an aspect that gets pushed to the wayside frequently. We are all guilty of this to some extent as we tend to neglect our own well being for the sake of others and a never ending list of things to do.

There are many incentives for being pro actively healthy  (the main ones with which I have summarized below), but one of the most important factors which is often forgotten is the mental impact it can have. Our self esteem and self image is directly linked to the level of motivation we have to take care of ourselves physically. Therefore, this ultimately influences how we consciously and sub consciously perceive ourselves as individuals.

physical well beingFive Top Benefits Of Enhancing Physical Well Being

  • Having control of our physique and weight
  • Healthy/strong bones & internal organs
  • Increased energy levels
  • Elevates our mood
  • Increases the chance of living longer

Today we live in a world where unfortunately our appearance is everything and determines in what light other people see us; too fat, too thin,too tall or too short, fashionable or unfashionable. This is a perpetual cycle which makes us feel pressurized to act and behave (and look) a certain way if we want to be accepted and considered as ‘normal’ in society.


If You Feel Good You Will Look Good…?

The truth is that being fit and healthy should have a lot more to do with how it makes us feel in the short term (as well as in the long term) and the positive advantages it can create.  You may heave heard the expression ‘if you feel great on the inside, then you will look great on the outside’ which is actually scientifically proven. Having a ‘healthy glow’ or a ‘radiant smile’ has absolutely nothing to do with physical appearance or health. When we exercise, no matter how little,  the body naturally creates chemicals called endorphins which is known for triggering a positive feeling in the body and central nervous system. It is also proven to reduce stress, anxiety and even depression.  My point is that looking after our physical well being and the state of our bodies is not something we should feel we have to do because it is expected – we should do it because we love ourselves and our bodies enough to want to take care of both. Stuff what others say – physical well being is all about internal as well as external.

Do What Feels Right For YOU

Ok, now I’m not going to start lecturing you on what you should and should not be doing to increase your fitness, (after all I am certainly no gym fanatic!). Although, considering we are on the subject – I do have a few questions for you;

  1. Are you completely satisfied with your physique?
  2. Do you often feel tired and lethargic?
  3. Are there any health or fitness related goals that you have which you continuously procrastinate over? i.e. losing a few pounds, toning up, quitting smoking, or just simply exercising a little more and eating less junk?

Just think for a few minutes about what you would improve upon if you could. Now, I promised I would not give you a hard time about becoming healthier and I won’t. Only you know what is best for you right now given your daily routine and current circumstances.

Just A Quick Note  

One thing I would like to share with you though is a brief story. A few years ago I was approximately 15 pounds heavier, I smoked like a chimney, and drank like a fish. Needless to say the concept of exercise and fitness was alien to me. I was diagnosed with bulimia from a young age so my weight was constantly up and down and my eating habits were nowhere near healthy.

Although my weight and attitude towards food will always be an ongoing battle which is something I have learnt to accept, I am proud to say that I no longer smoke on a daily basis (maybe the odd ciggie at a social gathering perhaps), hardly ever drink, and  my weight is more under control than it has ever been – which is pleasantly surprising as I was concerned that no smoking would prove more of a challenge in maintaining my weight! How have I been able to achieve this? I woke up and took a note of my physical well being. Although, as easy as that sounds it didn’t start there…

A Simple Shift

Quite simply put it was a shift in mentality and a boost in my self esteem. I used to hate myself and therefore did not care about my mental, physical  or emotional well being. One day something just snapped inside me and I decided I no longer wanted to feel that way. I wanted to be happier and I wanted to improve my quality of life and standard of living.  You see – its very easy to say; ‘I want to be thin’ or ‘I want to stop smoking and be more healthy’ etc. but its the mentality and incentive behind your desire that determines the success of your results. I began by working on my insecurities and self respect before I attempted to break my habits. After tackling my deep rooted issues, only then was I able to make real changes around me… and guess what? It was easy. Learning to understand and accept myself for who I was – that was the biggest obstacle.

Just remember: it is not what other people think about you that matters. What matters more than anything is how you think and feel about yourself.

**If you would like to make similar changes to those mentioned in this article then please see my Personal Products & Services where you will see the exact products that I used to help me during my toughest times. I completely stand by them 100% and am happy to answer any questions that you may have.**



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Riaz Shah
Hey Holly, I’ve been working myself too hard that recently that I recently I feel so darn tired every day. Usually I am very energetic and I love to wake up in the morning but now its getting hard to even get out of bed happy. I also tend to sleep very early at 11 sometimes 10 too and its very disappointing for me as I have so much work to do which I have to leave unfinished. After reading your article, I now know that its my energy levels that might be reducing because previously I was jogging everyday.… Read more »

Well I believe when you feel great on the inside it actually shows on the outside. I agree that physical exercise is expected.

Why does life take away some of your time from working out? I tried exercising at least 3 times a week for the past 5 years, but I always stop after a period of time. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Holly

This is a brilliant article! I couldn’t agree with you more on how physical activity can affect your mental health.
My mother suffers from depression and she uses exercise as a tool to help her when she hits a slump.
I recently quit smoking (2 months ago) and it is really tough. I have picked up weight though but not really concerned about that, I’ll deal with it next year!


Accepting ones self as you are is a definite challenge. Being able to make changes in your life with confidence is nothing short of a “breath of fresh air”.

I tend to work long hours, eat irregularly and I don’t sleep very much, eventually this has an impact on my stamina. By the end of the week I am so fatigued I can barely stand.

You’ve given me some great motivation to seriously review the way I manage my body! Wonderful story 😉

All the best


Hi Holly, I myself went through a phase of picking up a lot of weight. I found myself in a new job where I over worked myself and put of my exercise for a long time. My mood and energy levels changed drastically. I promised myself that I will start exercise next week and then the week after and so on. I found by just changing my diet my lifestyle changed. The things that you mention here are a so true and all of us need to look after ourselves much better. And if not for ourselves, for our families.… Read more »

Hi! This is a wonderful article and it was exactly what I wanted to read right now. I just had this feeling lately cause I feel that I don’t exercise as much as I would like to, I smoke and I barely eat some days. But, today I made the decision that I want to be healthier, quit or reduse smoking, exercise more and eat more and better. Your article really boosted me up and I feel it is the right thing to do. Thanks, and keep up helping people!

Tyler Redlev

It really all cmes down to being healthy physically and mentally. Nothing means anything if you are not healthy.

It really effects our whole life and it means that we should look after ourselves.

People are just giving up all their health in order to achieve money or other things, and pay all their earnings back after losing their health.


Hi Holly,

As usual, your article is amazing, I really love it! I used to smoke a lot few years ago and thanks got I stopped with this bad habit. There is something very funny because when I was smoking I was overweight and when I stopped I start to lose weight. I couldn’t believe it:) Today, I even gave up on meat, bread and sugar. I do need some exercises to strengthen muscles.
I just need to decide when to start:)
Thank you very much for this awesome blog!


Thank you for this post, and especially the reminder that health and fitness is about so much more than just being skinny.

We’re so conditioned to want to look great for others, which is such a shame, isn’t it? The people who matter will care most about how we feel and how happy we are, not about the size of the clothing we wear!


Your site is wonderful. I have been paying more attention the last few years about eating whole food – not processed food. I had no idea what a difference it would make in how I felt. Just that one simple thing – eating healthy – helped my physical energy level, my skin is better, I have a better attitude and outlook, I’m happier, I sleep better – even my fingernails are nicer! So when yo consider all the things you’re suggesting here – boy, if you did ALL of them? Imagine how great you’d feel!


Hi Holly,

First up, I absolutely love your website!

I also love the relaxation exorcises. I am always complaining that I never have enough time, but I realize that is only an excuse! My children and I will greatly benefit from going through these exorcises together.
Inner peace is something I believe we can all find within ourselves.

Thank you.


Awesome post Holly! Physical well being might be one of the most important things to know about. I love that people like you are sharing what you know about topics as important as this. Overall great review. Keep up the good work! Would love to see more in the future 🙂


Hi Holly,
Sometimes the association between exercise and higher energy levels seems to be counter-intuitive. Every time I try to exercise I get so sore and exhausted that I’m barely able to function the next day. I guess there is some point where you start feeling energized by exercise rather than get fatigued by it.

Hi Holly, That was a sincere article right there. Really like how you inspire others by sharing your own experiences. One of the things I feel will help promote well being is to incorporate positive habits in your daily routine. I am nowhere near 100 % positive (I doubt anyone is) but I started sleeping early and waking up earlier to work out. I feel that completing a tough workout in the morning, gives me a great sense of accomplishment to start the day . Just thought I would share my personal tips with your readers:) I have a few… Read more »

Hi Holly,

I have just returned from a wonderful hike in nature…up and down many hills. Not only is this my favorite form of physical exercise, it is also my favorite form of mental and emotional wellness!

Your story of wanting to feel better physically and emotionally is inspiring and I congratulate you on how you have changed the way you feel about yourself and that you are now helping others to do the same. Bravo!
that’s what it’s all about.

Heather 🙂

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