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3 ways to Overcoming Challenges using the Powerful Law Of Attraction

overcoming challenges


There are many approaches to overcoming challenges in life but the Law of Attraction is by far the best one I’ve ever known.

It is important, now more than ever, that we feel in control of the direction our own lives are taking.  I mean – who wants to live like a ping pong ball being jostled from side to side by external influences? And being in a constant state of anxiety, ever knowing what will happen next. This is no way to live.

Several years back I never knew any different and just followed everyone else’s lead. If all was well with my friends, family, boss, colleagues, partners and anyone else who I might come into contact with were all happy then that meant I could be too. If they weren’t, then neither could I be.

It was only when I came across a more spiritual and empowered way of living that a whole new miraculous world opened up to me. One which provided me with the confidence to take charge of my own life, and not just survive – but thrive.

Overcoming challenges became more of a game to me, more than anything else.

And that’s why I’m sharing with you the three best ways to overcoming challenges applying the Law of Attraction. So you can experience this light hearted way of life for yourself too.


Why overcoming challenges doesn’t have to be hard

There are two ways to look at any problem. A challenge can be considered a huge obstacle that’s impossible to get round. Or it can be viewed as an opportunity, created for us to not only get the exact results we want, but to become even stronger and wiser with it.

Not that long ago, my control freak’ish behaviour always got the better of me.

Instead of doing my best to relax and take each day as it came, I would worry trying to think up as many ways as I could to sort everything out there and then. With this attitude, not only was I getting in my own way – and creating unnecessary stress for myself – I was also blocking the manifestation process. So instead of overcoming challenges where I needed the most help, I was making every problem worse.

Leaving my husband was a perfect example of this…

It was the most heartbreaking experience I’d ever had to endure and even though I knew I was doing the right thing, I still struggled with trusting the Universe to show me the best course of action. This created untold delays and even more challenges that could’ve easily been avoided. I was stopping the Universe from doing it’s job!

But after much to’ing and fro’ing back and forth, I decided enough was enough. It was time to get back to basics with my spiritual practice.  So I handed it over to a greater power. One which I knew had the very best solutions to hand and everything already under control.

As the days passed, circumstances did a sudden U turn for me. And after seeing everything shift and realign so quickly around me, I knew from there on in, never again was I going to waste my time and energy insisting on doing all the problem solving myself.

Overcoming “challenges” (as we like to refer to them) doesn’t need to involve blood, sweat and tears. Because with the right mindset, your entire perspective on what a challenge even is and how to address it, can be radically transformed when you use the Universal Law of Attraction to take the lead instead.


The 3 most powerful ways to overcoming challenges

Click below to watch my video where I walk you through each one in detail or if you prefer, continue reading…


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#1 Positive Aspects

This is one of the best ways in overcoming challenges, especially when it’s a really tough situation that’s making you feel powerless.

Whether we’re getting rid of the old or embracing the new, I’m a very big believer that something good always comes out of something bad. This philosophy really helped me overcoming challenges during my divorce because there was so many conflicting emotions. Positive aspects was something I depended very heavily upon to pull me out of that “dark night of the soul” and depressive state.

So right now, if you have a situation that’s super intense and you’re struggling to find inner peace, sit and write down all the good things that are coming or could potentially come out of this situation. Alternatively, what can you really grasp from this situation in terms of learning and growing?

Because every single problem in our life really is an opportunity to do things differently. And when you’re overcoming challenges using the Law of Attraction to help you, you’ve got even more power on your side… you’ve got a power that creates worlds in your corner.

#2 Focus on the outcome

So let’s say you’re in a relationship or situation that seems to go around in circles and there’s no progress being made. Focus on the outcome by asking yourself “What do I actually want to achieve with this? Do I want this person in my life? Do I want this job etc?” Perhaps it’s time to let that go or do I want to improve the current circumstances?

Visualization is a very powerful method where you just literally close your eyes and imagine things as you want them to be. Really step into that experience and play it out in your mind by feeling the feelings of that desire with the outcome. Not the way in which the outcome comes about, but the actual outcome, the middle bit is up to the Universe. Your mind is so powerful and doesn’t know the difference between reality or imagination.

So when you give your mind that information, it will start actively seeking ways to bring it about. Everything else will start to be orchestrated in a way that you will look at and think this is magic – which it will be because you’ll be focusing purely on the outcome and leaving everything else to the Universe.

#3 Work with your inner child

Your inner child is a part of you that is fearless and loves fun and adventure! Your inner child doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks. You know when you were little and you used to play make believe with your friends – you’d set up these little scenarios in your mind and everyone would act out their role…

Well this is how I want you to use your inner child with overcoming challenges. Using your mind, start seeing everyone around you like a character in a pantomime.

Children are so innocent and they don’t care. They don’t get all trapped in their mind – they literally just take each day as it comes and think to themselves “I just want to have fun. Is this going to be fun? Can I play, can I make a game out of this?” So when overcoming challenges, stop taking every little thing all so seriously. Because most of the daily silly stuff that has the power to annoy us, usually isn’t that serious and doesn’t deserve that much time and energy.

Final thought:

Remember the Universe is always looking out for you. There’s no such thing as evil or bad luck. There’s only well-being and goodness. We’re surrounded by miracles and when you align with the beauty and magic in life, within the world, you are going to become a magnet for that energy.

Overcoming challenges are wonderful ways for us to grow, evolve and align with more and more of the person that we want to become. The Universe will continue to give us the same lesson over and over until we say “Right okay. I’ve got that one. Let’s move up a level. Let’s shift this energy and let’s ascend because now is my time and I’m ready to receive what I’m wanting,

So whatever challenges you’re facing right now, see this as a period and a time for you to get ready and to be ready for everything that you’re wanting.

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