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Using The Law of Attraction – How To Manifest Money FAST

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There are dozens of approaches to manifesting money using the Law of Attraction – and all of them claim to work very fast. Having tried the very best, I have cherry picked my 7 most fun ways for you to try yourself.

Although in this post, I’m focusing of my number one choice that I frequently use myself. It’ s a method which works consistently without fail and is the quickest to deliver results. And not just with manifesting money may I add 🙂

It works for everything you can imagine and has the ability to attract whatever you want

The #1 way to use the Law of Attraction

Have you ever heard the expression “count your blessings”?

Well, this is not just a meaningless saying that has been passed down through the generations. It’s a Universal Law – but not for the reasons you might think… in actual fact it completely supports the principals of the Law of Attraction perfectly.

When I was little I would hear my Nan say this to me all the time and other expressions such as “let’s be thankful for what we have”. At one point I used to think this meant accepting your lot in life and not being too ambitious or “selfish” by striving for more.

Now perhaps that’s how a lot of people interpret it, including my own ancestors, and it’s definitely a limiting outlook that I carried for several years too. Which blocked my progress severely and kept tripping me up.

Until I discovered the mystical powers of the Law of Attraction and decided to upgrade those inner child beliefs permanently.

Appreciation you see is a timeless virtue which you can use to:

  1. Make you feel good and worthy in the here and now
  2. Flow positive momentum towards money plus manifest anything else you want
  3. See immediate evidence of how powerful a manifestor you truly are

Watch my short video below to discover exactly how appreciation works to manifest money fast using the Law of Attraction…



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Why most people struggle to manifest money

The first thing which is important for you to remember is that money is nothing more than an energy.

It’s simply a key which provides us with everything from the basic essentials to spending time with our loved ones, treating ourselves, having fun and enjoying the luxuries in life right?

What I hear time and time again when I talk with people about the making the Law of Attraction work (including those who claim to know loads about it) is this…

“Well if the Law of Attraction is real, then why am I not a millionaire by now because I think about how to manifest money all the time. I’m constantly trying to create more fun and freedom in my life!”

The reason why most people struggle so much is because all of their energy and focus they spend trying to manifest money is causing them to block the Universe from doing it’s job. Their vibration is of a frantic and fearful nature which is saying to the Universe “I need more money, I need more money, I need more money”

By doing it from that energy space, what they’re implying is they don’t have enough.

And as you already know – like attracts like… so how can they expect to manifest more money if the Law of Attraction does exactly what it describes; attracting more of the same?

Manifesting money with the Law of Attraction is FUN

When the concept of appreciation is applied it speeds up you results in record time.

This is how you do it:

  • Look about wherever you are right now and count at least three things in your immediate environment to appreciate
  • Find positive aspects about those three things. Think about the level of abundance/convenience/pleasure those three things provide that are pleasing to you and that you appreciate
  • Spend time thinking how each one of them enriches your life and how grateful you are to have attracted them into your experience
  • Now notice how different you feel and how much more abundant than before
  • Do this as regularly as you can, especially when you’re feeling anxious about your money, income and abundance

When you get into the habit of appreciating where you are right now, and acknowledging the luxury and abundance you’ve already manifested – it brings you a sense of peace and worthiness.

Now you’re connecting with an abundant energy that’s saying: “I’m content with where I am because I’ve got many things in my life right now that at one point I didn’t have. This proves to me I am worthy and I AM the co-creator of my reality!”

And the reason this is the quickest way to manifest money using the Law of Attraction (than even writing affirmations or visualizing) is because you can do it wherever you are, no matter your circumstances. Even if you’re a million miles away from the income you want or the dream house and lifestyle.

When you stop in the present moment to enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin or a funny film – don’t worry the Universe, isn’t going to think “Oh she’s happy where she is now and doesn’t want anything else”

It’s going to do the exact opposite.

What it will do is put you into alignment with the backlog of abundance that you’ve been asking for all this time.

It will open up a floodgate of solutions that you’ve been struggling to create. You’ll connect with a vibrational harmony which is in essence with the natural desires you were born and destined to have.

Because your dreams you’ve been dreaming for years really are your destiny and belong to you for a reason. And don’t let anybody tell you any different.

You are worthy, you are good enough and you can have all that you desire.

Love & Light,

Holly xx

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1 year ago

Thanks so much for pass this wonderful and beautiful knowledge to me dear and I pray that Almighty God will bless you richly I’m really impressed because everything you said is true

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