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Think Tranquility

Small steps... that can make a big difference today

Ever worried that time is running out for you and all your dreams?

Here’s a shocking fact which the world’s TOP psychologists have proven works better than anything else when it comes to speedy transformation and seeing real results fast...

So sit back and relax because this is where all the fun begins!

The very powerful and "playful process" I'm about to let you in on quickly opens the doors to real miracle shifts guaranteeing financial freedom, true love, optimal health, and genuine long lasting fulfillment...                                                                                                                                           (plus anything else you've got in mind)

Hi, my name is Holly,

If you’re anything like me you already know that the Law of Attraction is real.

And you also understand that every day experiences are filled with little signs and synchronicities trying to nudge us in the right direction…

Well, for those of us who have this awareness, everyday "coincidences” such as bumping into someone you were just thinking about, or picking up a book with the exact information you’ve been looking for, becomes a natural way of life right?


And it’s all these little signs that remind us there is something greater than ourselves in operation. An undeniable power working on our behalf 24/7… that no one can quite “put their finger on”.

Something after all these years, even expert scientists are unable to explain...

And because I know you believe in the potential of this power to create big dreams and breakthroughs (and are fed up of being stuck in the same situation year in year out), I’ve got something special I’d like to share with you.

It’s called the Law of Attraction Miracle Process which I created to help you shift your circumstances once and for all. And the reason I’m so confident it works is because I know (for a fact) that successfully using the Law of Attraction…

Is a gift you were naturally born with

No doubt you've been studying this Universal law for a long time now and already know a lot, so I'm going to get straight to the point...

We both know there are many desires you have, that no matter what you do, are still not coming your way.

Desires which most likely include: 


A better paying job that reflects all of your experience, talent and creativity

Feeling more romantically attractive and confident so you can manifest your soulmate

Have more money to spend on holidays, shopping and all the fun you want (plus save for your dream home by the sea)

Enough hours in the day to relax, feel less stressed and focus on... well just enjoying life!

Keep your vibration high enough to experience quick spiritual breakthroughs and achieve all of the above


But here’s the problem and one which I've personally witnessed hundreds of people continuing to struggle with…

The biggest & most frustrating block of all

When you’re an ambitious and determined person who's doing their best to focus on “living the dream”, but you find yourself constantly tripping up over negative thoughts, situations and people...

then trusting the Universe and practicing self love and positive thinking feels near enough impossible.   

So no wonder many become anxious and worry they're "doing it all wrong", feeling the need to try even harder.

But between you and me - this only makes their situation far worse (by attracting more of the same crap)  

Although the secret to releasing this backlog of negative emotion involves just one extra element which I'm about to share with you.

It's an intricate detail that'll quickly remove all delays and naturally bring your manifestations up to speed... 

Let me break it down so you can see exactly what I mean:



Before I let you in on what my mystery element is though, there’s something you MUST understand...

Manifesting is NOT hard work

As I mentioned already, the Universal power we're referring to here is already a part of you and is something you were born with. It's not some mystical energy outside of yourself that needs to be chased and grabbed a hold of. Quite the opposite in fact....

Although I can understand this is a mindset you've adopted because "working hard" is what society tells us is the normal way of life. But make no mistake - it's this very belief that's keeping millions stuck in the same disappointing patterns you're trying to break free from.

And trust me you can break free quite easily... because if you're seriously committed to the vision you hold for yourself and the ones you love, then I've got some exciting news for you.

Here's what you can expect in just 14 days when you add my mystery element into your manifesting:

Rejuvenate the confidence in your own “inner power” to fast track results and opportunities that literally come knocking on YOUR door

Inject genuine fun and excitement back into dreams that you may have previously given up or grown weary of

Understand the magnetic connection between romance, money and self worth that you've been missing all this time

Know how to manifest BIG physical shifts in your career...finances...AND most valuable relationships by taking the right action

A powerful 15 minute writing exercise to monitor your alignment and manifestation progress every day (100% accuracy reflected back to you by the Universe)

Could the answer to having BIG breakthroughs -- AND getting all your dreams firmly back on track --really be this simple?

Now I know what you're thinking: "Yeah yeah Holly I've heard it all before. I've done so much meditating, visualizing, reading, healing, positive thinking, affirmations and soul searching - none of which has changed my situation. I've tried so many times and I'm tired of it"

And I get it - I really do. But here’s a fact for you to seriously consider...

In some way or another we've all had our true destiny and dreams taken away from us.

It's inevitable and I suppose the best way for you to understand what I’m talking about is to quickly share with you my own personal story...

When I was small I had a fearless imagination and a very long list of hopes and dreams.

I spent hours in my Nan's garden during the summer holidays (sitting under her pear tree reading The Famous Five) dreaming about all the places I'd travel to and all the exciting things I would be and do when I grew up.

In fact when I close my eyes now I can go back there in my mind and feel that effortless rush of pure hope and desire. Free from all rules, limitations or possible disappointments.... and certainly no conflicting thoughts or beliefs to battle.

Just me and my childhood fantasies -  a world in which I could be whoever I wanted.

Although as the years went by my outlook on life became much more serious and “practical”. And of course, far less inspired...

Feelings of self belief and an open hearted eagerness for life's adventures were robbed from me as I got older.

What my classmates, teachers and parents thought of my ideas had a real impact on my opinion of them too.  And for some reason they suddenly seemed to become increasingly ridiculous whenever I gave them any thought. So in the end I decided to grow up and be more “realistic”.

As for many, the older I got, the more rejection and broken promises I got exposed to, the more it instilled in me a mindset that said “I'm not good enough”. All those precious dreams I once fantasized about so enthusiastically were overpowered by a negative self image that had taken root within me.

And this is what happens to a lot of us. Perhaps it was the same for you too?

If so, do you ever wonder how life might have unfolded if certain negative experiences hadn’t occurred?

What destiny may have had in store for you if other people’s words and actions hadn’t mattered so much?

I wondered about this all the time... until finally, despite being terrified, I decided to pluck up the courage to reconnect with my long lost "inner child" and find out first hand...

Today I'm an Empowerment Coach and an even more firm believer in the magical powers of the cosmos. Truth be told I’ve been in a playful “on and off” relationship with the Universe for just over a decade now.

And during this time I have attempted every single trick and technique you can imagine to discover my own destiny and create an enriching, rewarding lifestyle. One which I've now accomplished, being unique to me and the woman I am.

Much to the surprise of my friends and family.

So rest assured, when I say I know what works quickly and quite frankly - what's a waste of time.

In 2016 I decided to share my spiritual breakthroughs so they could be of value to others, paving the way for them to achieve the same results.

What if your dreams really ARE your destiny?

What difference would that feeling of “inner knowingness” and certainty make?

How would you act and behave on a daily basis if you knew that every hope and dream you've got has already been written in the stars? 

Well, the difference it made for me and so many clients I’ve coached - words alone cannot describe,  although let me tell you one thing…. 

Those feelings of self belief and growing eagerness for life's adventures I mentioned before?

They become your new invisible best friends.

And what this does is multiply your attraction ability, delivering breathtaking outcomes (that you can predict) and all the guidance you’re seeking every single step of the way. 

What I teach you is going to powerfully alter your perception and the way you use the Law of Attraction forever... 

With "The Law Of Attraction Miracle Process" you're also going to discover:

An enjoyable morning routine to feel relaxed, positive and clear headed

How to reignite a fearless imagination and recapture the magic of your childhood dreams that you'd forgotten all about

The quickest way to take aligned action, double your income and find that hot date you’ve been struggling to manifest so far using the Law of Attraction

Three fun activities which will catapult your level of self esteem and gratitude beyond the stars (remove that negative self image permanently!)

A magical “14 Day Process” that shows you how to nurture any miracle you wish for and see evidence of its growth straight away (today)

How to replace persistent fears, anxiety and worry with self love and compassion using your own “favourites list”

Why you're better at manifesting than you think you are and the shocking way you're already manifesting on average “10 miracles a day”

PLUS how to spot the subtle signs of these shifts taking place so you can REALLY speed things up

Ways to immediately reconnect with the beauty of your inner child with a super powerful “drawing exercise” that proves age is nothing but a number!

Pinpoint the top 5 reasons you're blocking your own destiny and unsuccessfully waiting for those BIG dreams to make an appearance in your life

Why a picture speaks a thousand words and how you can use this to release insecurities you’ve been trying to shake off for years

How to rewrite past disappointments in love so they're no longer active (and dominant) in your thoughts and vibration

"Truly empowering and healing!"

Up until now I’ve only been sharing these techniques directly with my private clients, although I knew I had to share this knowledge with the wider world in order to help more people. 

So for you reading this letter...

Here’s what one of my most successful clients has said about “The Law of Attraction Miracle Process” after applying it just recently...

“Holly, your inner child 14 days program is working very well! Every day you can see a difference. Such  great healing! You can see while you are doing the exercises there are a lot of things to focus on. Making these reflections are very calming. It gives you a chance to carefully think and see how you’re changing day by day. Every day I was seeing progress and possibilities to grow and expand my energy.  I feel I can now support others and be a good example to follow. What’s more is I feel I can stay stronger like this not only for 14 days but waaay longer!

I met myself in a space that I never thought to be, I took care of and proved the love I have for my inner child. I had lots of ideas cumulating every day after work or on days when studying. The daily exercise along with the meditation gives you the right mindset within 14 days.  The pages for additional notes are also great to fill out if you need to write down anything (questions, feelings).

It’s great towards fulfilling your goals and any other commitments. I always use all golden tips given by Holly and am truly empowered!”

- Anna Augustyn

My “Law of Attraction Miracle Process” package also includes a beautiful audio meditation which will help you effortlessly attract your dreams and draw your true destiny directly towards you!

Special Bonuses!

Plus, the extra sprinkle of magic I’m adding to this for you is:

An additional two exclusive audios for attracting both money and love fast...

1.  Money Manifesting Magic:

Quickly remove and reprogram any limiting beliefs you have about being wealthy

Start attracting 10x more money towards you left right and centre (in multiple ways that truly inspire you!)

Adopt a consistent mindset that only the rich and famous manage to master when choosing a life of financial freedom

2. Love & Romance Rendezvous:

Let go of past hurt and heartache so you can truly heal and be free to trust in love again

Open your heart to magnetize "romantic moments" towards you where true love, passion and intimacy feels very real for you in the here and now (super powerful!)

Receive loving assistance from your “spiritual guide”  so you can heal existing relationships, release old ones, plus align with the "love story" you really want to tell

It is really difficult for me to answer specially what miracles and benefits that I am enjoying, I feel like there are so many great things that keep presenting themselves. Continued practice of being in the here and now, being grateful with an unwavering faith, brings a warm steady glow of trust that all is unfolding as it should.

- Anonymous

Identifying my inner child has definitely helped me to calm down and make more sense of my thoughts and emotions a lot more. I do feel it has had an impact on my relationships also. I feel loved a lot more after doing the exercises and learning to love myself. In turn this has made me realise and accept love from others. Getting to know my inner child definitely has had rewarding benefits!

- Vanessa Hatton-Woods

I sincerely value you and as I know you’re dedicated to living your destiny and fulfilling all your dreams I’m offering you something very special today.

For 1-1 coaching and to be personally taught “The Law of Attraction Miracle Process” by me I normally charge a few hundred pounds. 

Plus you’ll be receiving my exclusive bonus meditations that have not been released for sale yet (worth £55.00 each) 

So, naturally, you’ll be happy to know that this Law of Attraction mastery program which is worth in excess of £450 is being granted to you today for a lot less...

You can get instant access to this life changing, truly empowering experience for only £27.99.

It’s a really generous and special offer and I hope you’ll grab it right now with both hands by simply clicking the link below...

Don’t forget that “The Law of Attraction Miracle Process” will only cost you the equivalent of a meal out or a new dress. But I can guarantee the miracles and exciting shifts it will deliver will reap you rewards like nothing else. Right now... paving the way for your future and the rest of your entire life. 

That said I want you to feel totally confident and self-assured in your decision to invest. Therefore, I’m willing to carry all the risk on board personally - so you don’t have to. 

So do feel safe in knowing that if, within the next 30 days, you’re not happy with your decision in any way for whatever reason... even if there’s a “possibility” you “don’t have time to commit” or the outcomes don’t supersede your highest expectations - then simply request a full unconditional refund.

And it will be given to you promptly, lovingly and without a single question or judgement from me. 

Sending love and light towards you and every single one of your BIG DREAMS

Holly Lochinger
Empowerment Coach

PS My story is no exception….

Most people waste their entire lives settling for far less than they are truly capable of… way below their potential to succeed. Allowing current circumstances to dictate their level of self worth and belief in themselves.....   

And if you don’t catch this trend early enough… it can dominate your overall happiness and perspective on life - resulting in you always aiming far lower. The saddest fact of all is that… this reflects in all areas - love, money, fun and joy. 

The more disappointment and sense of failure you may feel…. the worse and more intense it gets. It becomes a downward spiral very quickly - just like a weed which strangles a seedling before it can transform into a beautiful flower… those negative thoughts and feelings seep in and pollute any room for growth. And psychologically… it’s a fact that all of your worst fears then turn into self-fulfilling prophecies perpetuating any negative beliefs you’ve already got going on.  

And once you're stuck in that cycle…. it continues to repeat itself until one day (in old age usually when its way too late) you’ll suddenly realise all you have to show for your dreams are nothing but a long list of regrets.

You’ve missed every opportunity to fulfill your true destiny and live your dreams. 

Having been in that dark space myself for way too many years - I never want that for someone as incredible as you. A person who deep down has everything you need to walk your destined pathway and bring all of your most wildest dreams into a full blown reality (don't believe what others may tell you!)

Hand on my heart, I truly hope you’ll grab this exciting and unique opportunity. Because it will 100% open you up to a whole new way of living, thinking and feeling about yourself and the role you are destined to play in this world. Your natural born light within that only you can shine. 

Your future self, all your loved ones and your unique precious “inner child” will be eternally grateful to you for believing in yourself by taking this leap of faith.

All you have to do is click the link below and within minutes you will have access to "The Law of Attraction Miracle Process" which will land in your inbox with full instructions.

PPS: I know this is a remarkable program which produces miraculous results very quickly….

It reconnects you with a magical and infinite part of you that is waiting and wanting to be released…

So you can fully embrace the unlimited power that resides inside of you, which you were gifted with - as an extension of pure positive Universal energy.  

There is only ONE way you can manifest the future you deserve and are destined to have…

And yes it’s totally made up of your excitement and desire to transform your dreams into physical things that you can touch, taste, see, smell and hear. 

And yes It’s also made up of appreciation, self love and value, belief and determination to finally manifest all the things you want to magnetize towards you…

But what strings all these magical components together, the “magical touch” bringing everything to life is your fun loving, forever young and carefree "inner child" that is brave and fearless enough to believe and dream BIG. 

And I believe that now is the time for you to release that shining light and allow it to come out to play and dance with a higher infinite power that creates worlds. The same power and intelligence that created you all those years ago. 

Do you agree and say yes to all of the above too? I sincerely hope you do because wealth, love and prosperity is yours for the taking. It’s unlimited and never ending in its supply and is ready for you to enjoy - whenever you are. All it needs to show up and reveal itself, starting as of today, is for you to give permission and eagerly allow it to. Now is the time to say “yes!” to yourself and all of those long-awaited dreams which truly are YOUR destiny……

Small steps that can make a big difference today.... 
Think Tranquility
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