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Small steps... that can make a big difference today

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I’ve never had any problems manifesting money…

In fact using the Law of Attraction to make money is one of my most favourite things to do.

It’s so much fun – and you wouldn’t believe just how easy it is!

My first success story with manifesting money was back in 2014 when I was still living at home with my Mum and Stepdad.

At the age of 25 I so wanted to move out and get my own place but buying a property in London on a single income was near enough impossible! Especially considering I only had £7,000 in savings – which doesn’t even count as peanuts on the London property market.

For months I’d gotten busy contacting estate agents and mortgage brokers – looking at all my options, which were pretty dire.

As luck would have it though I’d heard about a “part rent part buy” scheme which seemed much more plausible for someone in my shoes. After going on several viewings and falling in love with some gorgeous apartments, I was beginning to lose all hope of ever leaving home and having a beautiful “sanctuary” to call my own.

The numbers just didn’t add up for me to get a mortgage and all the hope and determination I’d started out with was dwindling by the day….

But just like that everything changed

Back then I was still an amateur with the Law of Attraction and didn’t really know what I was doing. I’d read all about The Secret so decided to write myself out a “secret cheque” for £5,000 – just to see what happened.

Manifesting this money would give me enough of a deposit to qualify for the “part rent part buy” scheme and secure a mortgage on my current income.

Less than two weeks later I was having a chat with my Dad and explaining to him the situation and just like that – he offered me £2,000.

Not as a loan but as a gift. I literally fell off my chair with disbelief. He’d never done anything like this for me before! Furthermore, a few days later he contacted me to tell me my Aunt was happy to help out and lend me £3,000.

On the condition that I paid it back of course.

In less than three weeks I had manifested the £5,000 I had written myself out a cheque for.  And in December 2014, just before Christmas, I had the keys to my new home.

So believe me when I say that this stuff works – and fast.

Since then I have refined my “Law Of Attraction money making” as I like to call it and now have it down to a fine art.

Although I’ve been prone to stress about money from time to time like everyone, real financial struggle has never ever been an issue for me. And I always know what to do when I hit “money blocks”. The Law of Attraction is my go to remedy for finding the solutions I need.

Which I feel extremely grateful and blessed to be able to say.

And because I believe in spreading the love I’m going to share with you seven of my favourite Law of Attraction money techniques.  These are practices you can apply to begin manifesting financial abundance for yourself today.

Before I do though there is just one thing you must understand.

I completely get it if this all sounds too good to be true and a part of you is thinking “this stuff never works for me”

These are just limiting beliefs which I want you to do your best to shake off now.

Money is a big hang up for many people and it blocks them from achieving countless desires on their bucket list. Money keeps the masses trapped in crappy jobs causing them to be restricted by time, and enslaved to a lifestyle they don’t want.

All because they’ve got financial responsibilities such as car finance as well as plentiful other boring bills to pay.

And if they’re lucky, at the end of the month they might have some pennies left over to spend on themselves and maybe (just maybe) be able to afford a week’s holiday abroad once a year.

People have been living this way for centuries and as a result have passed down negative beliefs about money over generations.

So you are not alone in having the “money doesn’t grow on trees” and is the “root of all evil” mindset.

These are global core beliefs that have been programmed into millions of individuals since birth. Find out more about that here

Bearing that in mind, I want you to read through the following techniques with an open heart and an open mind.

My 7 favourite ways to manifest money:

1. Appreciation

Find examples of ways you are already financially abundant. Every time you part with money, instead of feeling anxious – give thanks for having had the money in the first place. Make this a daily habit and write down purchases you’ve made that have bought you pleasure. No matter how small it is, flow an energy of appreciation towards it.

2. Carry cash

Withdraw some money (for example £50.00) and carry it around with you but don’t spend it. Just keep it in your wallet and whenever you see something nice remind yourself that you’ve got the money to buy it – if you really wanted to. Play “make believe” and keep spending that amount in your mind whenever you see luxuries you like.

3. Make a shopping list

Write out a detailed shopping list and spend money on specific items frequently (ideally every day) Pretend that you have an unlimited amount of money and can have whatever you want. So for example if you want to go on holiday or buy a new car or house – go online and start getting ideas for the exact holiday destination, hotel airline, where the nearest garage to you is that sells your dream car and same with properties in the area you’d love to live.

4. Create a powerful vision board

Get creative and add imagery to compliment your shopping list by making a vision board you can look at daily. Buy a stack of magazines or go on Google images and find all the luxury purchases you’re going to spend you’re Law of Attraction money on. This is so much fun and very powerful!

TIP: Click here for a step by step guide on creating a powerful vision board

5. Write a “secret cheque”

Go on Google, type in “the secret cheque” (or “check” for U.S spelling) print one and write in the amount you want – but make it a believable amount that you don’t feel is impossible for you to attract right now.  Carry the cheque around with you in your wallet and look at it frequently.

TIP: This works even better if you apply technique number three with it as well.

6. Money visualization

Every night whilst falling asleep visualize money just flowing towards you from all directions into your bedroom – under the door, coming through the window and falling from the ceiling onto your bed. Imagine a shower of money all around you. See yourself as a money magnet.

7. Law of Attraction money affirmation

Come up with your own money affirmation or mantra that you can repeat to yourself as much as possible. Make this your new best friend and say it often. My favourite money mantras are:

  • My income is constantly increasing
  • I am a money magnet. I love money and money loves me!
  • I am attracting lots of money into my life easily and effortlessly

As you read through and absorb these Law Of Attraction techniques, you’ll find that one or two really appeal to you. Start with those.  Don’t feel overwhelmed believing that you have to use all seven to make them work because you don’t. Trust your intuition and go with which feels most exciting for you to work with today.

And remember there is nothing wrong with wanting to be wealthy. It doesn’t make you selfish or greedy. If anything it puts you in the perfect position to make whatever difference you want to in this world. The more we have, the more we have to give to others. It’s as simple as that.

Happy manifesting!

Love & Light,

Holly xx

Got some success stories of your own to share? Let’s inspire each other and create some magical Law of Attraction momentum together – comment below!

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Small steps that can make a big difference today.... 
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