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Think Tranquility

Small steps... that can make a big difference today


Have you fallen OUT of love with your own life?

Well if so, then I've discovered a simple fail safe formula that unfortunately 99% of women know nothing about!

It’s a straightforward yet life changing (and very famous) concept that once applied will quickly deliver all the happiness and love you could ever wish for...

Hi my name is Holly...

Within just 12 months I created an empowered way of life for myself based upon nothing but love and joy - and as of right now I'm letting you in on every up close and personal secret I took to making it happen. Why? Because the approach a woman who's in love with her life takes compared to one who's "fairly content" is very subtle...

Don't get me wrong though... none of this came easy. For years I was:

  • Completely fed up of trying hard and getting nowhere both personally and professionally
  • Hunting high and low for the "answers" to my biggest blocks (mainly in relationships) but feeling more and more challenged than enlightened
  • Convinced that all my "big dreams" I carried of long term love and financial freedom were too unrealistic for someone like me to achieve

It was only when I reached my lowest point and had given up on myself and life overall that something inside of me "clicked". It was a powerful voice from deep within that said:

"Now is the time to make a choice. You can live like this forever or you can decide EXACTLY what it is you want - and go for it. What's it going to be?"

And in that split second a rush of determination hit me like nothing I'd ever felt before. I'd had enough of settling for second best. It was time to take charge... and therefore take action. Although this time it was going to be the RIGHT kind of action that would make a real difference…

So, after much research and introspection I discovered a small detail that goes right back to the beginning of time. Something that all ancient philosophers, theologians and scientists (no matter their various cultural backgrounds) knew and agreed upon. Something that I’m shortly going to reveal but first let me ask you….

What's the difference between a mediocre lifestyle VS one brimming with passion, purpose and prosperity?

Well a completely different way of living - naturally:

Which in itself sounds like sarcasm but I can guarantee you it will feel like a stroll in the summer when you understand just two things. As after many years of “trial and error” it was this ancient philosophy that I used to master and transform my own feelings of despair and disappointment into excitement and expectation. And this very simple approach delivered REAL results fast!

No matter what others may tell you...

The truth is we're surrounded by confident, attractive women who get what they want, when they want - every day. They execute this strategy to perfection consistently… and I'm going to teach you how to achieve exactly the same results in EVERY single area of your life. And the reason I know how is because I myself have done it and am living proof that it IS possible. For you…. for me… and for anyone who is ready to believe in themselves and live a life they love.


I mean, there’s always “to do” lists and wishful thinking, hoping you find the time to get round to those fun things you really want to do... which never happens (there’s always tomorrow I suppose)

Plus there’s also plenty of tips out there on “self-love” and the “law of attraction get rich quick” freebies which can all be attempted to see if they make any difference. Personally not something I recommend as there is a simpler and much faster way to see important shifts (after all we genuinely want to make some actual progress for once)  

And then of course there are those random bursts of motivation where you have a rush of creative solutions and ideas hit you out the blue. So maybe you sign up for a trial period at your local yoga class and perhaps scout out 100+ inspirational groups to join on Meet Up. Or you may consider some tarot readings or “energy clearing” sessions with that local woman who has seven cats and an avalanche of crystals in her house…

You might pursue all those options or… 

You can discover your true passion and life purpose instead!

Because it’s passion and purpose that many of us in modern day society have abandoned. Two necessary foundations that countless experts throughout human history have devoted their entire lives to understanding - and confirming IS the number one answer to an enriching and rewarding life.

So now to the million dollar question...


How do you fully ignite your own unique passion and purpose?


Well this is where the fun begins because it’s not about finding your passion and purpose any more than you would go out and find your own personality….

They are already yours within you. Your passion and purpose are possessions that you were born with – an integral part of who you are that no one else has. Just like your fingerprints.

And what’s even more exciting is that it’s your DREAMS which serve as the biggest clues guiding you directly back towards your authentic passion and purpose - so they can be ignited.

Because our passion and purpose are at the core of our very being and when we neglect them.. then everything else in our life begins to suffer as a result. Life slowly begins to lose meaning and we become stuck in the same negative patterns and self sabotaging habits that cause us misery.

Once I learnt more about these fundamental principles I applied them in my everyday living and within weeks they proved to be a total game changer. In under a year I went from:


  • Being in a toxic relationship to discovering what true love really felt like
  • Slaving away on the corporate career ladder in London to being successfully self-employed running an inspirational coaching business from home
  • Living in a place and location I was tired of to finding and buying my dream home on a beautiful island overlooking the ocean

Let me put it like this…

If you are:

  • Exhausted of running round in circles attracting nothing but obstacles and needing simple clarity, focus and direction in your life
  • Wanting to experience less uncertainty and more inspiration in your career
  • Taking one step forward and then ten back applying all the Law of Attraction “rules” for those wishes you want to come true more than anything else
  • Sick of being restricted by financial worries and dream of having more pleasure and luxury for once
  • Questioning whether or not your “good enough” because long term love and romance seem to constantly escape you
  • Trying to stop all the worrying about your future so you can feel more confident and at peace about where you’re headed
  • Struggling to trust but intuitively knowing you have so much potential and power within you waiting to be released…


then you are exactly where you're meant to be...


All the practices I’m about to share with you became the “icing on my cake” in terms of manifesting and fulfilling desires that most people (including myself at one point) would have you believe were “unrealistic”.   

Although I no longer entertain the word “unrealistic”. I have had my eyes well and truly opened to what endless possibilities await when you desire them strongly enough…

Which is why I am presenting to you the...


Solely focused on elevating your life to levels you never believed were possible!

You know... science has proven that only 1% of women (in the world) love their lives and truly believe in themselves...

1% - that's it! Scary right?

There are millions of intelligent women who have accepted their “lot in life” based on experiences that have taught them to just “get on with it” even when it makes them miserable. Although let’s pretend for a minute you’d only accomplished 1% of what you have already – knowledge, wisdom, practical skills, emotional maturity, ambition and perseverance. Or even confidence and self-belief? That kind of life would be unimaginable, void of ANY hope and enthusiasm. Let alone a magnitude of love and prosperity pouring in.

The reason I mention this is compared to all the limitless potential that you’ve got locked up inside of you, the life you are living now is only 1% of the love fuelled lifestyle you could be creating instead!


We’re keeping all those negative thoughts outside in the cold today though because I have all the answers right here...


The “Ignite Your Passion And Purpose  program is everything you require to achieve all your abandoned heartfelt desires and regain an unconditional feeling of love and hope for your life in just four weeks.

- 11 Magical Methods-

Obtain a copy of my sacred stash of secrets that consist of rare and POWERFUL techniques.  Together we will select the best strategies to start with and then break them down into actionable steps so you can quickly see the true magic they bring into every area of your life.

- Real Solutions -

Includes the “Sassy SWOT Analysis” which brings to light all the breakthroughs you are on the verge of having in your career and relationships. You will be amazed by the crystal clear evidence that is currently surrounding you as we speak.

- Long Lasting Love -

A combination of practical exercises and resources designed to attract true love into your life in every way. My most favourite is the “dream guy shopping list” that can be used for new or existing relationships (works every time so be careful what you wish for!)

- Forward Thinking Focus -

Yesterday has been and gone. Now I am taking you by the hand showing you how close your dreams actually are with your very own "Passion and Purpose Plan" you can use repeatedly. Works for big and small desires - helping you to stay on track every step of the way.


"Holly has helped me so much in just 3 sessions, her ways of helping me help myself, guiding me to find my answers from within and encouraging me with her positivity and skills has changed me in such a short time. I love all I have learnt through her so far and look forward to everything else I've yet to learn. Her approach to coaching really suits me and helps me to change my life and get me going in the right direction with the right frame of mind, attitude and skills. My goal that we set in my first session looks like it could be completed in the next week, in just 4 sessions since we started" 

- Hayley McDonough -


"Holly guided me in altering the way I think and feel about myself and life in general. Before I worked with Holly I was very negative and always believed that nothing would work out for me - so there was no point in trying. However, Holly has assisted in turning this around, providing me with tools I needed to overcome deep rooted fears and insecurities stemming from childhood. Thanks to her I now wake up feeling more confident in my abilities and in control of what my future holds. In the 4 weeks of her program I have already achieved so much. I cannot thank you enough. Would definitely recommend Holly to anyone who needs a boost!"

- Madeline Rodrigues -


"I had a very good experience! Holly helped me with communications at work. She gave me many ideas for different situations not only for work but also in life/private. We will still work together because I saw a big difference. I like Holly as a friend and coach. She responds to everything even small problems and she truly listens which provides you with a real sense of care. She stays in touch as well which means you won't have any problems, and all the time she wishes you all the best. Working with Holly is like being truly blessed with the right advice"

- Anna Augustyn -

In just four coaching sessions with me you will achieve....



  • Understand why “perceived problems” are really blessings in disguise and how to easily use them to your advantage.
  • How to detect every disempowering thought and transform it into one of hope and optimism with my “passion preceptor” (works instantly).
  • Know how to assertively express yourself in a way that no one can ignore (or argue with!)
  • Learn how to protect yourself from negative opinions and maintain impenetrable self-belief.


  • Transform “trying” into triumph within an hour by getting all those “little things” done.
  • Adopt a straightforward schedule that allows for all your current commitments as well as your personal passions (never compromise again).
  • Fill in all the missing gaps by switching smart goals into sexy strategies overnight.
  • When relaxing is difficult, use my 30 second peace and clarity trick which quietens even the busiest of minds (personalised just for you).


  • Have love and abundance chase you with minimal effort and action… it’s super easy with my “feedback formula” that proves even your specific desires are constantly evolving.
  • The magical “mirroring method” you can depend upon when people you love are stressing you out (works even in “impossible” circumstances!)
  • Prepare yourself for true love, passion and romance by connecting with your dream guy in advance. I show you how.
  • Confusion creates chaos in our love life. Watch your self-esteem soar with my “scripting secret”.


  • In need of some extra cash? I have a tried and tested “cash conjurer” game that works in miraculous ways.
  • Where to go to receive guaranteed comfort and reassurance when circumstances get the better of you.
  • Know beyond all doubt what your true life purpose is by using my “CCC” process.
  • Clearly hear and trust your intuition more consistently by interpreting all the signs surrounding you.

PLUS unlimited email correspondence in between sessions as well as additional resources provided by me on an ongoing basis...

" Healing Journey "

"Holly made me realise I have to have self love and courage to be single and develop myself in order to help other women in the future which I would love to do. I felt I could open up to Holly about my pain, my scars and my dark times . She is the first person I ever felt I could trust to let go of the past . I am still on my healing journey and Holly always gives me space to explore reasons behind why I need to find my own peace . I hope and pray we stay friends long term so she can follow up on the good positive things she has taught through her amazing writing and honesty with her own journey!"

- Dionne Ford

" I'm Finally Getting The Results "

"I was in a dark place and my life was a mess when I met Holly. I can’t believe how she has helped me turn my life around. I now have much more clarity and focus and I’m finally getting the results I wasn’t able to get on my own. Holly is amazing I really feel empowered since I met her. Thank you so much Holly"

- Sharon Miller

" Improves self belief "

"Holly is genuine in her commitment to providing guidance and the resources to assist anyone looking to improve their belief in themselves"

- Cathy Yeadon

" Very fast results "

I couldn't recommend Holly more!

I'm so excited by how quickly it's all happening and all the positive changes. It's all down to Holly and her amazing sessions.

- Hayley McDonough

Contact me now…

and take your passion for living above and beyond within 30 days

- Frequently asked questions -


"I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three and a half years. I came to Holly in a state and was on the floor emotionally. What Holly helped me to do was realise that I had made the right decision and I was able to regain my inner strength as well as heal from the heartache I was suffering. Holly taught me the importance of putting myself first and instead of focusing on the past, helped me to fall in love with myself and feel like I was good enough.

This was something I had not been able to do before and was exactly what I needed after the way I had been treated for so long. I now feel ready to be able to go into another relationship but this time not settle for any crap. Thank you Holly!!! You're amazing"

- Stephanie Maria -


"Holly is such a fantastic motivator. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious! During our four sessions together my focus, self-esteem, motivation and self-belief increased more than I ever dreamed they possibly could. Holly helped me create positive actions towards achieving my life goals. Since my sessions with Holly my business has taken off, my level of contentment has greatly increased.

I have attracted new friends into my life and my well-being and self-care have never been better. I cannot rate her highly enough!"

- Michelle Christopher -


"Holly was definitely brought to me by the Universe at a time when I really needed her to help me take a much needed hard look at myself and my repeating behaviour patterns. After being on the phone with her for just 20 minutes I felt a lot calmer. Holly has taught me to love myself and I feel so MUCH better. Holly is an excellent life coach"

- Vanessa Hatton Woods - 

Small steps that can make a big difference today.... 
Think Tranquility
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