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Now's the time for you to fall in love with your life...

Let me teach you the simple formula that will ignite your passion, reveal your true purpose and give you the focus to achieve results, every day. 

Hi I'm Holly...

I'd like to ask you a quick question.

Have you ever seen a woman and thought:

"Wow, she's so lucky. She's got it all - how does she do it? What's her secret?"

We're surrounded by these women on TV, in magazines and social media. They possess a certain aura, an effortless charisma that simply magnetizes people towards them, right?

Perhaps you’ve had fleeting moments of feeling close to that. You’re wearing that dress and it fits like a dream. You’re putting the finishing touches to your hair and make-up, sipping a gin and tonic as your favourite tunes play. You’re about to step out into the balmy evening and you’re simply sparkling with confidence. The night is yours.

Imagine how life would be if you felt like a Goddess every day? Imagine having the confidence to walk right into your destiny and take hold of the life you deserve.

Believe it or not, the women everyone envies don’t just have great genes and luck. The only difference between them and you, is a beautifully simple yet unbelievably effective formula they’ve practiced to perfection.


The exciting news for you

The existence of this formula means you can be one of these women. You can feel radiant and capable every day. Yes, really.

How? I spent years observing their best kept secrets and created a surprisingly easy to follow action plan for life-changing results in just four weeks.

With my ‘Ignite your Passion and Purpose’ formula, you will:

  1. Connect with your true life purpose
  2. Release heaviness from your past that holds you back
  3. Master Manifesting and see your wishes granted before your eyes
  4. Discover the secrets to reaching and maintaining a high vibrational energy
  5. Achieve a totally fulfilling career and a passionate lover

You may not believe it yet, but all of this is more than possible. It just starts with taking that first step on this journey: saying yes.


Find your purpose

It’s a tragic fact that only 1% of women across the world wake up with a real sense of passion and purpose for their life.

It’s because of the stories we tell ourselves. About what we can’t do, who we can’t be, what we should settle for.

The colossal number of missed opportunities and unfulfilled destinies is so sad. Just imagine what the world would look like if every woman rose up and believed in her divine power?

It starts with you. You’ve got huge potential locked up inside of you… and I did too for years, until I broke free from the mental and emotional prison I was trapped in.

Now, I want to help you break free, too.

Ignite Your Passion and Purpose Program

- 11 Magical Methods-
- Real Solutions -
- Long Lasting Love -
- Forward Thinking Focus -

My program focuses solely on elevating your life to its highest level – so you’re exactly where you should be. Together, we focus on achieving the "four P's"...


  • Understand why perceived problems are our teachers, and use them to your advantage
  • Detect every disempowering thought and transform it with my Passion Preceptor
  • Assertively express yourself, so that your opinion is no longer ignored
  • Protect yourself from negativity and maintain impenetrable self-belief


  • From trying to triumph: my tricks to getting all those ‘little things’ done, consistently
  • Create a schedule that accommodates your commitments and personal passions
  • Envision a clear roadmap, and start switching smart goals into sexy strategies
  • Learn my "Sacred Space" mind body trick, which delivers peace and clarity in minutes


  • Master the playful "Feedback Formula" to make love and abundance chase you
  • Apply the "Mirroring Method" to establish loving boundaries for optimal outcomes in any situation with friends, family, lovers and co-workers
  • Prepare for true love by connecting with your dream man in advance.. I show you how!
  • Watch your self-esteem soar with my "Hollywood Movie" secret


  • Boost your finances with my tried and tested "Cash Conjurer" technique
  • Know where to find guaranteed comfort and reassurance when life is overwhelming
  • Be certain of your life purpose through my powerful "SWOT Analysis" process
  • Learn how to build and trust your intuition every day by interpreting the signs you’re being given

I’m here to help you shine

Remember, I’ll be right with you as your personal coach to guide you through the process and ensure that success is your only outcome.

" Healing Journey "

"Holly made me realise I have to have self love and courage to be single and develop myself in order to help other women in the future which I would love to do. I felt I could open up to Holly about my pain, my scars and my dark times . She is the first person I ever felt I could trust to let go of the past . I am still on my healing journey and Holly always gives me space to explore reasons behind why I need to find my own peace . I hope and pray we stay friends long term so she can follow up on the good positive things she has taught through her amazing writing and honesty with her own journey!"

- Dionne Ford

" I'm Finally Getting The Results "

"I was in a dark place and my life was a mess when I met Holly. I can’t believe how she has helped me turn my life around. I now have much more clarity and focus and I’m finally getting the results I wasn’t able to get on my own. Holly is amazing I really feel empowered since I met her. Thank you so much Holly"

- Sharon Miller

" Improves self belief "

"Holly is genuine in her commitment to providing guidance and the resources to assist anyone looking to improve their belief in themselves"

- Cathy Yeadon

" Very fast results "

I couldn't recommend Holly more!

I'm so excited by how quickly it's all happening and all the positive changes. It's all down to Holly and her amazing sessions.

- Hayley McDonough

Take the first step

I understand that committing to a coaching program is a big decision, perhaps even a bit daunting.

As your coach, we’d be working closely together. So before making your decision, it’s important to get a feel for my style of coaching and whether it’s right for you. That’s why I offer Free Taster Sessions, where you can ask questions and I’ll kickstart your journey with a powerful mind body trick for instant positive energy.

It’s no obligation, free of charge, and you can choose a convenient date and time through my online booking form.

If there are no suitable times available then please contact me directly here and we'll find a time and date that works for you 🙂

- Frequently asked questions -


"I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three and a half years. I came to Holly in a state and was on the floor emotionally. What Holly helped me to do was realise that I had made the right decision and I was able to regain my inner strength as well as heal from the heartache I was suffering. Holly taught me the importance of putting myself first and instead of focusing on the past, helped me to fall in love with myself and feel like I was good enough.

This was something I had not been able to do before and was exactly what I needed after the way I had been treated for so long. I now feel ready to be able to go into another relationship but this time not settle for any crap. Thank you Holly!!! You're amazing"

- Stephanie Maria -


"Holly is such a fantastic motivator. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious! During our four sessions together my focus, self-esteem, motivation and self-belief increased more than I ever dreamed they possibly could. Holly helped me create positive actions towards achieving my life goals. Since my sessions with Holly my business has taken off, my level of contentment has greatly increased.

I have attracted new friends into my life and my well-being and self-care have never been better. I cannot rate her highly enough!"

- Michelle Christopher -


"Holly was definitely brought to me by the Universe at a time when I really needed her to help me take a much needed hard look at myself and my repeating behaviour patterns. After being on the phone with her for just 20 minutes I felt a lot calmer. Holly has taught me to love myself and I feel so MUCH better. Holly is an excellent life coach"

- Vanessa Hatton Woods - 

If there are no suitable times available then please contact me directly here and we'll find a time and date that works for you 🙂