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Fields of Human Energy

Energy. It is all around us; in everything we see, feel, touch, taste and smell. Although energy is not actually tangible, there is no denying its existence. Throw a feather in the air (or anything for that matter) and watch it fall to the ground, or flick a light switch on and off – everything is made up of various energy forms… as are we. We are simply fields of human energy. This is why we are able to sense an atmosphere in a room or pick up on particular vibes from one another. In some cases, we can even sense when something is going to happen or when someone is going to say something…. all because of energy. Every circumstance or scenario you can think of; standing in an elevator with strangers and feeling awkward or walking into a theatre and sensing the excitement in the air. These are all fields of human energy. Energy is responsible for making us feel connected as humans and anything and everything we interact with. This even includs the ecosystem, planet earth and the universe at large.

fields of human energy

Source Energy 

Have you ever heard of source energy? Source energy in the words of Ed Lester is a person’s unique DNA; but not normal DNA. It is the power within every single one of us that determines our natural abilities and unspoken passions in life. Your unique essence or aura if you like. If you are familiar with my blog, you would have heard me discuss life purpose and living your dreams etc. before. Today, however I want to address what source energy actually is and how, if you are aware of it, you can tap into it on a daily basis. This secret will enable you to start living a life that is more fulfilling .

Where to begin…?

Like many people, I have spent a lot of my time in the past wishing I was somewhere else. I would feel trapped in my own life and like I was completely disconnected from every part of it. These depressive states would hit me sporadically and I never knew why – except that I kept having them over and over. I would go from one extreme to the other and not know how to manage it. So I reached a point where I thought “forget this”; I’ve had enough living a life I’m not getting any satisfaction from. What is it that I want? If I could be doing anything, what would I be doing? What do I enjoy?  Why am I so miserable right now? How would I like to be spending my day if I could choose?

Connecting With Your Source 

Once you challenge yourself and start thinking from a place of love and enthusiasm, as opposed to frustration and resentment – the answers that reveal themselves will liberate you.  The key is to regularly ask yourself – how am I feeling right now? Am I happy or am I sad? Do I feel calm or do I feel stressed? Keep digging deeper and ask yourself how and why you are feeling this way. What are the causes influencing this state of being? Continue to keep scaling back (like peeling an onion)  whether it be good or bad moments.  You will then get to the truth of what you’re experiencing in that moment and why. 

You will know you are in sync with your natural source energy because you will feel invincible; like you can conquer the world or reach for the moon.Have you ever felt that way? Where were you and what was happening at the time? When was the last time you felt like this? You will know when you are far away from your source energy when you want to burst into tears or run away and hide from the world. Again, go through the same questions. Look for the pattern and connect the dots.

fields of human energy

Practice Makes Perfect

Listening to your own natural state of being and emotion at any given time will provide you with all the direction you need. You just have to be consciously aware of it. Once you start to put this picture together, you will gradually unravel the magical elements of your own personal source energy.  Get into the practice of ‘checking in’ with yourself emotionally everyday and then start to take action based on the enlightenment you receive.

By taking stock of your true self you can then eliminate the aspects of your life that are dragging you down and keeping your source energy at bay. The same applies with what activities/people/situations bring you closer to it. When you are in a roomful of people get into the habit of trying to sense the fields of human energy you pick up on and how they differ.This will help you get practice when trying to decipher your own.  

Release your source energy by doing what you love as much as possible. Constantly look for new ways to implement these stimulants into your life – and that is when your true amazing self will begin to shine through. 

Sending you lots of positive energy, love & light,

Holly xx

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Another great post. Well done.

Small steps that can make a big difference today.... 
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