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Think Tranquility

Small steps... that can make a big difference today

Did you know that in the olden days, sailors would steer ships by the stars?

They’re focal point would always be the North Star and from there they could navigate using the others stars dotted around it. This simplistic approach helped them pinpoint where they were in the world and ensured they got to whatever location they were heading for.

Pretty clever right? They didn’t need all that fancy GPS equipment we use now to keep them on the right track. The North Star done it for them.

What fascinates me is that nowadays, with everything people want at their fingertips, it’s very easy to get lost and disorientated. Perhaps even easier than it was before. Life moves so quickly that sometimes “keeping up” becomes the actual goal.

The direction towards the desired destination is long forgotten about.

That doesn’t have to be you though. You can stay en route to your chosen landmark of love and freedom, no problem.

Just look for your “North Star” and allow it to guide you the rest of the way… because it will.

Love and Light,

Holly xx

Since transforming my own life I have coached many people through emotional blocks so they can experience more clarity and direction for themselves….

 Take back your power in both life and love with my free gift “Your Passport To Freedom” which will show you how to finally get the best results ever with the Law of Attraction.

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Small steps that can make a big difference today.... 
Think Tranquility
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