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How To Transform Your Life…. Playing

How To Transform Your Life Playing

life nothing but a game? A game that equates to a series of trials and tribulations, challenge and competition, dreams and success? Well, I’m not clever enough to answer that. However, here’s a game that I’ve found which is pretty good at depicting life’s problems in a liberating way. What’s more is that it actually guides you in finding the solution; giving you direction to transform your life.

Imagine a game you can play that would enable you to;

  • clarify important personal issues & figure out your next stepstransform your life
  • find new ways to enhance your relationships
  • recognize personal contributions & abilities
  • transform fears & challenges with fresh insight
  • discover a stress-free work/life balance
  • understand yourself and others more
  • receive love, inspiration & support on your life’s path

This game is amazing – where do I start? Well I think the only way for you to appreciate the ingenuity of this game is for me to share with you my own experience playing it. May I also just be clear before going any further that this game has nothing to do with Quija boards, magic or anything remotely hocus pocus – so please don’t worry!

It is called The Transformation Game and is a board game based on intuition and insight.


Well, I myself was only introduced to it last year when I went to a Meet Up group. There was four of us playing which is the maximum amount of players you can have. We all started by explaining how we hoped this game could help us (with one situation). For example, one girl was in the process of looking for a new house and was stressed about how to proceed, another guy wanted to start his own business but was at a crossroads etc.  I was there seeking guidance on a particular relationship matter with someone close to me.  We were asked to write down outransform your lifer situation on paper and in one sentence specifically what we needed some understanding on, so we could be focused on this particular issue throughout the game.

The organizer gave an envelope to everyone and each of us rolled the dice . Based on how many numbers we got, we picked that amount of angel cards. We continued to do this for insight cards, and setback cards. We then put all of our cards into the envelope we had been given. Starting in the centre you have to score a six on the dice to be ‘born’ (after three tries you just move to the first place on the board otherwise known as a C section!). There are four different levels to this game; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, in that otransform your liferder.

As you move around the board, you are given instructions. Along the way have to pick different cards (a bit like Monopoly) and/or interact with other players by offering advice etc. There are ‘awareness’ cards which vary depending on which level of the game you are on. Other cards which you may receive are called ‘Pain cards’, ‘Service cards’ and of course not forgetting your own personal set of cards that you selected at the beginning – if the board tells you to pick one.  Once your scorecard is filled up in one section i.e. the awareness or setback section, you can move onto to the next level.



The whole concept behind this is that you are gathering a combination of awareness, insight, setback, transformational and angel cards. This is the same for each level (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to help you look at your chosen situation from all of these angles and on all these levels. You will be astonished at how accurate the cards you select actually are and how they are relative to your personal issue! By reflecting on this and interpreting what the cards are telling you, you obtain crystal clear perspective on your situation. Hence, why it is called The Transformation Game – because it really can help you transform your life! It also comes with a booklet to explain in more depth each card. Additionally, by having other players, you can help them as well as them helping you when deciphering what messages you are receiving.

We played for three hours and I unfortunately only got to the second level which is emotional. Some sped through very quickly – normally an indication of how complex your predicament is, which I found extremely uncanny. It was more than enough to give me food for thought and all in all what elements of mtransform your lifey issue needed my attention the most. Opposite is a photo of my physical level scorecard.

Based on face value, the cards I received may not mean much to anyone- but to me I was able to interpret what I was being told relative to the relationship in question. In fact, I was so taken by it that I ordered it the moment I got home. Although fairly more than your average board game, (cheapest is £37.25 or $35.00 on Amazon, used and new), the sophistication of the game makes it more of a tool and investment. I can assure you – this is a game that will not collect dust in a cupboard! Since receiving it, I have played the Life Transformation Game by myself a few times and also with a friend 🙂


The benefit of this game is that it can be used in a light hearted way or for more serious dilemmas. The only advice I would give is that if you do not have a lot of time on your hands don’t play with too many people (you can play by yourself!) as this will prolong the whole process. If playing with just one other person it can be a great way of building relationships and communication, which is an added bonus! Although, just a game it really does have the power to transform your life.  It aids you in looking at problems with a completely fresh insight.

***If you have friends or family members who are in need of help in certain areas this may be something you could introduce them to and play together?***

Always write down your specific reason for playing (be as specific as you can) and make a note of any thoughts and ideas that occur to you whilst playing. Like myself, taking a picture of your level scorecards can benefit in reflecting back on it later.

So if you want to transform your life but have fun whilst you’re doing it… look no further as there is nothing else out there quite like The Transformation Game! Head on over to Amazon now to read more reviews and let me know what you think!

With Best Wishes & Lots of Love & Light,

Holly xx
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