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Think Tranquility

Small steps... that can make a big difference today


The other night I was watching one of the Harry Potter films – The Half Blood Prince. Have you seen it?

Well if you haven’t there is a scene where Harry puts a potion called “liquid luck” in his friend Ron’s drink. Ron is about to play his first ever “quadditch” match for Gryffindor and is scared stiff. Everyone is laughing at him and he believes he’s going to make a complete fool of himself.

As soon as Ron drinks the “liquid luck” he transforms into the best player on the pitch and becomes “man of the match”. Turns out later on that Harry never put anything in his drink. He just let Ron think he did.

Either way, the result was still the same. Ron believed he was going to have a great game because he had drank “liquid luck”…. so he did.

No problem. In fact it was the best game he had EVER had.

Doesn’t that tell you how powerful your own belief system truly is?

Whatever you tell yourself becomes your way of thinking…. which impacts on everything else… ESPECIALLY what you’re creating and experiencing in reality. This is a psychological fact – known as the “placebo effect”

Every outcome you could ever possibly imagine, good AND bad – you can physically make happen. You have that choice.

No magic is required.

Isn’t that an empowering thought in itself? You yourself could potentially be walking and talking “liquid luck” IF you choose to believe it.

Only question is….

Which pessimistic thought are you going inject some of that personal power into so you can create whatever you want?

Go on, give it a go… and see what happens 🙂

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Love and Light,

Holly xx

PS: If you need help turning your negative thoughts on their head, trust me – it’s nowhere near as hard as you think.

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Carole Chadwick
Carole Chadwick

I really could do with some liquid luck. I think its very difficult in telling yourself you will be more peaceful, energised and motivated for example. I know your thoughts can control your outcomes, its the law of attraction at work.