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Hello From The Future

Have You Ever Said Hello From The Future? 

I adore this time of year! Spring has began to sprung and the sunshine is pouring in through the window. It’s Friday and as I shello from the futureit at my desk feeling quite upbeat about the weekend, I suddenly sit up and think “Wow, how quickly this year is already going!”. Christmas has been and gone. Now already we are all looking forward to the beautiful blossoms of Spring, some Easter indulgence and the evenings getting lighter. As lovely as this sounds, it is quite frightening to think how quickly the weeks fly by and the seasons change so drastically. So much can happen in such a short space of time, even though we frequently feel like we are on an eternal hamsters wheel.

hello from the future A Bolt From The Blue

Bearing this in mind I began to think about this time next year. Will I still be in a job I am tiresome of… commuting to the ‘Big Smoke’ day in and day out? At that moment a little voice in my head instantaneously said “Only if you want to be”.

Wacky as it sounds, something came over me and I decided to write myself a letter saying “Hello from the future”. If you have read a few of my other posts you will know that I am all about goals and writing affirmations etc. Although this was something I had never thought of before. You hear about writing to your future self as a personal development exercise… but how about me writing to myself from the future? Filled with inspiration and excitement (yes, I can be a bit sad at times!) I started scribbling away.

Put It In Writing!

My starting point was going to be today but exactly a year ahead. One year older, I would write to me as I am now. A letter telling myself all about the wonderful things I was doing and what I had planned for the weekend. “YES, what an innovative, motivational boost!” I thought. Far more creative than making a list all the time. So that’s what I did, there and then. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner! It incorporates all the principles of affirmations and goal setting, however you are making it more meaningful. By actually putting a future date on it and addressing it to yourself personally… it is almost like a declaration but far less boring! 

Give it a Go

So why not give it a try? The beauty behind it I found also was that you don’t even need to give it much thought as to what you want to write. Just begin writing and it will all come to you naturally as you go.  You can actually reveal a lot to yourself this way too, giving you some crystal clear perspective. It is so much fun and you will be surprised by how much of a good mood you are in after. The psychological impact as well is one of “Ok, now it’s final – my future self is waiting for me to catch up so I need to start making changes. If I want this letter to be a reality I need to take action”

So how will you say ‘hello from the future?’. I cannot wait to hear your feedback on this exercise. It truly is a liberating one! 🙂

Lots of Love & Light,

Holly xx

PS: I personally am old fashioned and love the whole process of actually writing. If you don’t feel comfortable writing this down on paper… send yourself an email. It works just the same 😉


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I have this habit 🙂 However I always do it on NYE. It was funny to read one of my letters and I would like to share that with you. On 31/12/2008 I was on a plane by midnight with tears on my eyes reading my resolutions and guess what? I was living my dream. I remember reading that I would be living abroad and I was on a plane for a life changing experience and I am still living my dream from 2008. I was on my way from Brazil to London! I also write affirmations but they are… Read more »

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