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How To Get What You Want From The Universe

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Working to get what you want from the Universe is nowhere near as hard as people make out.

For years I’ve practiced very powerful techniques using the Law of Attraction and had some astonishing results – so I know it works. Yet there are a few things I’ve found can be a real struggle when playing this game. Small details that still trip me up, even now, when overcoming challenges

And one of them is trust. Trusting that you will get what you want from the Universe after putting your desire out there.

It’s not within our nature to really want something and then not take action or think about it. The idea of doing nothing feels very counter intuitive doesn’t it? Yet in the beginning stages of manifesting it’s a must and here’s why…

When I started up my own business a few years back I wanted to focus on my passion for coaching and teaching others how the Law of Attraction works.  Although there was the added pressure of making money so I could keep on top of my bills.

Juggling these top priorities kept me stuck for ages. I blocked my own progress by working ridiculously long hours and attempting all sorts, despite already making it clear to the Universe exactly what I wanted.

My vision had been to create a successful coaching practice that provided me with time, freedom and pleasure – but I was doing the exact opposite! Eventually, I got so fed up and exhausted with trying that I threw the towel in. I decided to give myself a break and have a week off.

During that time I simply relaxed and focused on practicing some self love. And what happened within a few short days blew my mind.

An expert Law of Attraction coach I’d worked with previously (Ed Lester) contacted me and offered me an opportunity to work with him. This changed everything and was exactly the kind of breakthrough I’d been working like a crazy woman for. And looking back now I know this would never have happened if I hadn’t of made the decision to take a breather.

Because in doing so, what I’d done was step back and give the Universe space to work on my behalf.

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However, here’s the other thing that confuses people about this – getting the balance right between taking inspired action and not getting in the way of the process can be tricky. Especially when the desire is very strong and emotions are running high.

You can get what you want from the Universe as soon as today

To understand exactly how to get what you want from the Universe and two ways you’re probably blocking this, watch the video below. Of if you prefer, keep reading for a brief overview…



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To get what you want from the Universe, you need to be aware of the two ways you may be blocking it.

The first way that we all have a habit of blocking the Universe is:

By not doing anything at all

For example, do you have friends or family who complain about the same issues? Every time you meet them, they’ll say, I hate my job and my relationship with my partner is a complete joke. They talk about the same thing all the time. And it’s so predictable you think to yourself “Oh no, here we go again”

Well, that’s what the Universe is thinking every time you ask for the same thing over and over but then don’t take any action – and we’re all guilty of this.

Everyone has a habit of talking about desires, but then not taking any action. If you look at the word “attraction”, you’ll find that the last part of the word actually says “action”.

So where in your life right now, with whatever changes that you’re trying to manifest, can you be fulfilling your end of the bargain and getting ready and prepared for it to come about? If you’re serious about getting results and want to ignite your passion and purpose in life click here.

This gives a strong message to the Universe which says “Here I am, I’m ready and I’m showing up for my desires”

Take me for example with my business. Once I decided I wanted to change career paths and work for myself, I made the necessary moves to show I was committed by leaving my demanding job in London. Instead I got a part time job to create space for the real work I wanted to be doing with my coaching.

The second way you may be blocking yourself from getting what you want is:

Ignoring all the signs and synchronicities shown to you

The biggest clue to knowing what the Universe is trying to tell you in ways of messages and guidance is by looking at the various areas of your life and asking yourself “What is working well right now and what isn’t?”

The areas that aren’t working well are where the changes are wanted, right?

So if we keep doing the same things over and over and expect to get different results – we won’t get anywhere.

And how the Law of Attraction works is this: if we continue to do the same thing over and over, things will not progress. They simply get worse instead of getting better and we create more resistance.  This then brings up more negative emotion, more frustration, anger and more feelings of hopelessness, where we just end up at our wit’s end.

Just like it did when I was trying to make ends meet with my business in the early days!

But because the Universe is on your side, it will continue to communicate very clear signs for you to take the right action that’s going to lead you directly towards the right path for you. Sometimes you may not see this because the sign and the manifestation you want from the Universe aren’t connected, but you have to remember to trust.

If you’re receiving the same signs repeatedly, such as a thought that keeps coming into your head or someone keeps mentioning a certain book or giving you a certain piece of information – this isn’t a coincidence.

Signs and synchronicities are never coincidences but if we believe they are we block them by ignoring them. Your intuition is one of the loudest clearest ways the Universe will use to get your focus on the next step towards what you’re asking.

For me it was simply about trusting the Universe enough to simply stop and take a break. Master this skill now by igniting your own unique magic.


For you to get what you want from the Universe, the process can be fun or it can be as hard as you want to to be.

Based on your childhood beliefs around love, money, and happiness, there will be times where it feels hard – and this is actually a very good thing!

Because this is when deep seated healing is taking place and the Universe is literally approaching you to give you a choice; to do what you’ve always done or to do something different…

Remember, change is scary and chances are you’re going to have a moment right before that manifestation where you question everything and wonder if you’re good or worthy enough. But as soon as you push past that fear and take action, that’s when everything that you’re wanting and asking for will be literally handed to you on a plate… so you can claim what’s rightfully yours and all you’re dreaming of.

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