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Think Tranquility

Small steps... that can make a big difference today

The Beauty of Tranquility

The Truth About Rejection & What It Really Means (A Perfect Story)

  In previous articles I’ve touched upon how quite frequently in life the worst experiences can sometimes be the making of us. I wasn’t quite sure how to “hit the nail on the head” with this but then ironically I remembered a particular story I was told when I was a little girl. You’ve probably heard it…

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The Quickest Way To Remove “Emotional Mud”

  When you’ve been really disappointed by someone or something what have you done about it? How has that “sinking in your stomach” feeling affected you? Do you tend to deal with it by “soldiering on” and pretending it’s not real or are you overcome with it? For me it’s a bit of both if I’m honest.…

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True Love… The Law Of Attraction…. And YOU?

I’m going to let you in on a secret… Something that I don’t share with many for various reasons. Mainly because when I explain people give me a funny look and shuffle over to the next table. However… I feel compelled to share it with you. I’ll warn you now though – it WILL come as a…

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Are You Worthy Of Receiving Love?

  Self worth has always been a touchy subject for me and a feeling that I’ve not been too familiar with. For many reasons. I could say the same about receiving. Whenever someone has been “too kind” or gone out of their way to help, a part of me has always wondered why. Instinctively, I developed an air…

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The Reason Me & The Queen Have Two Birthdays

  Today is my 30th Birthday! I cannot believe I am no longer twenty something 🙁 Although people say I look nowhere near 30 so that’s something I suppose… As I’m in New Zealand at the moment I spent the majority of the day by some hot pools sunning myself. It was amazing. So much…

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Break ANY Bad Relationship Pattern

  Our childhoods have such a direct impact on the adults we become. The way our parents act and behave, (be it good or bad) leaves an imprint on us. It also reflects in the relationships we develop later on in life. Especially the most important ones. Most people are not aware of that. When…

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Hold Onto Your Dreams (most inspirational poem EVER)

  Hold Onto Your Dreams Tonight just take a look at the stars up in the sky, And resolve never to allow your dreams pass you by, Treat them just like jewels for you to always hold, Nurture them with all your heart, for then they will unfold, They will sprinkle you with happiness and…

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The 2 pathways we are ALWAYS choosing between

  One of my very good friends has quite a few men in her life. Not because she’s a serial cheat or a “you know what”. It’s primarily her attractiveness and bubbly personality that catches so many people’s attention. Men seem to flock to her. What I find incredible though is how she always seems to fall for the…

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Feel Peace & Clarity in 30 Seconds

I don’t know about you but the last couple of days has been crazy busy for me. I’m currently working in New Zealand and am spinning a lot of plates. I always feel like I have so much to do, which is kind of getting to me if I’m honest. You know when you just…

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4 Tips To Having More Time & Energy

Not enough time (or energy) on our hands! I decided to take the day off in order to catch up on some bits and pieces that needed doing. When I say ‘bits and pieces’  what I actually mean is an arm and a legs worth of jobs to complete. If you have been on my website before, you…

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