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How To Apply The BEST Law Of Attraction Technique (in only 3 steps)

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The best Law Of Attraction technique is not one many understand. They may be aware of it but they don’t use it to their complete advantage.

Everyone’s busy looking for the best results and the best Law Of Attraction experts but in this post, I’m going to reveal something that will pleasantly surprise you…

You already have the best Law Of Attraction technique right under your nose – even closer than that in fact. Before I explain what it is though…

Here’s a quote from one of the best Law Of Attraction teachers on the planet:

“The Universe has imagined it even better than you have. The Universe got all of its information about what you like from you, and it has remembered every piece of it and has put it together in perfect formation”

~Abraham Hicks

There is a fuller version  but this snippet of the quote is my most favourite because it perfectly sums up how the Law of Attraction works.

Everything you want is already yours in vibration. And the only thing keeping your desires from you is habitual thoughts that are telling you all your dreams are ‘too good to be true’.

So it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been wanting to manifest more money, love, confidence or success into your life – you can have all of it anytime you want.

On the condition that you are committed to moulding your thoughts into alignment with what you truly desire. Which I understand may sound hard but trust me, it’s not and can actually be lots of fun!

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So if you’ve been busy attempting all kinds of Law Of Attraction techniques in the hope that you’ll get results soon then don’t worry. You’re in the perfect place and now you can stop stressing because I’m here to help you.

Why most Law of Attraction techniques don’t work

Unbeknown to the majority, trying to force speedy results through obsessive action is a huge part of the problem. It’s this behaviour that actually keeps people stuck in the same rut they want to get out of. In repeating the same behavioral patterns, even more stress and resistance is being created towards the very solutions they’re trying to achieve.

I hear people saying to me all the time… I’m trying to manifest, I’m trying trying trying BUT in their trying, they’re digging a deeper hole for themselves because they’re too busy focusing on the problem and not the desired outcome. This goes against the most basic fundamental rule of the Law Of Attraction.

If you get what I’m about to explain then you’ll never have any struggle in applying the Law Of Attraction ever again to manifest what you want….

So are you ready to find out how this works?

Watch my short video below which explains in full the best Law Of Attraction technique and how to apply it in three very simple steps to get the results you’re after….


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The BEST Law Of Attraction technique in the world (summary)

The best Law Of Attraction technique in the world is – listening to your emotions. That’s it.

Sounds so simple right? It sounds so straightforward that it feels unreal, almost like I’m trying to be funny, correct?

But hear me out….

You’ve been applying every Law Of Attraction technique under the sun right? You’ve been told numerous times before “this is the best Law Of Attraction technique there is” and so in good faith you’ve done it…

But has it brought you the results you’ve wanted? Are you exactly where you want to be right now?

Now I’m not trying to discredit any Law Of Attraction teacher out there because a lot of them I’ve studied and applied their techniques myself… but here’s the thing.

If you’re hungry and you go into a restaurant you’re not gonna order everything off the menu are you? You’d end up as sick as a dog!

And it’s the same principle if you’re wanting to successfully apply the Law Of Attraction. So this is the exact process to follow instead if you want to save time and successfully manifest:

    1. Decide for yourself “How am I feeling right now?”. Are you more happy or less happy in general? Not in relation to other things specifically i.e. income or love, just in general. On a scale of 1-10, where do you sit on  average on a daily basis? Decide for yourself where you are. If it’s unhappy the majority of the time, look at the ways in which you’ve been trying to use the Law of Attraction and select the best technique that you find the most relief from when you use it. Personally, meditation is my best recommendation for you if you’re experiencing a lot of negative emotion frequently. Alternatively check out my video Using Anger To Manifest  which shows you how to manifest by moving through negative emotion so it works for you in order to get things shifting in the right direction.
    2. As a follow on from number one (which you can use as reference whenever you’re feeling low) if you’re feeling generally good a lot of the time chances are you’re already experiencing a trickle of manifestations already making their way towards you. So to really speed things up – look at all the Law of Attraction techniques you’re using and cherry pick just one or two at the absolute most. Ones that you genuinely enjoy and have already had great results with. And then I want you to focus all your time and energy on using just those techniques.
    3. Before deliberately manifesting, listen to your emotions and allow them to be your guide! This is where most people struggle but it’s where the best Law Of Attraction technique comes into play because it brings all the others to life. Ask yourself this simple question; “Is this fun for me to do right now?” Is this something that I’m doing because it feels good or am I doing it because I’m trying to make something happen and it’s not happening, so I need to make it happen!!!” Can you feel the difference? Can you feel the difference in that energy? If it feels fun to do, do it, if it doesn’t… then don’t!

Like attracts like – no exceptions

When we’re trying to control and force very specific outcomes it can easily backfire because we’re not in a positive state of mind. By trying to bridge the gap from a negative place the more you’re going to attract of that same emotion, even via a Law Of Attraction technique. Remember like attracts like!

This is why if you’re feeling fed up, meditation is really good to help you clear your mind and helps positive energy to flow again. You become more of an open channel allowing room for the solutions and ideas to come to you. And if you don’t feel like sitting to meditate then a funny film or a walk in nature is just as good. The idea is to take your attention away from the source of stress. Chances are some self love is needed in these moments too. Click here for my seven top tips to achieving self love 

Rule of thumb: when you’re happy, you’re manifesting what you want and when you aren’t, you’re not.

But when you are using specific Law Of Attraction techniques in an attempt to feel better, it can actually increase those feelings of frustration and impatience, because you’re doing all the hard work, but you’re not seeing any results. People get stuck in this cycle for years and it can make them feel crazy!

So the best way to go about it is to only actively manifest using specific techniques (your chosen ones using the 3 step guide above) when you’re already feeling great and like an excited child you want to spend some time playing make believe.  This is where the magic is because you’re just so happy and content with the idea of that desire without it being real but you can FEEL it. And it’s such a strong connection it takes you into another world. That’s the energy that you want to be using – with your inner child. That in essence and in energy is the best Law of Attraction technique there is – it’s the solid foundation that makes everything else work because it feels so great.

And from there with that exciting energy combined with your most favourite technique? Watch how quickly results reveal themselves to you. Even you’ll be amazed at how fast the breakthroughs come 🙂

Happy manifesting!

Love & Light,

Holly xx

PS: If you would like to go even deeper with the Law Of Attraction and use it to manifest your own spiritual pathway – a pathway that the Universe has mapped out… especially for you click here

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