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About HollyHello and thank you very much for visiting Think Tranquility. My name is Holly and I am 29 years old. I was born and raised in London but have recently relocated to Dorset. My two major passions in life are travelling and personal development. I have lots of experience in the hotel industry, both in California and London. However, I have spent a lot of my time learning about personal development and seeking to grow as an individual.

My Personal Development Story

So why have I created this site and why should you continue reading? Well, I have had a pretty incredible journey and accomplished many breakthroughs over the years.

I was a very shy, overweight and reserved child with few friends and gradually grew into a problem child in my teenage years. At 11 I developed bulimia and began to self harm when I was 13. I got expelled from high school at 16 and in doing so became a habitual user of recreational drugs and a binge drinker. My life was going nowhere and I put my family through hell.... you get the picture. To cut a long story short, I wizened up and managed to break free from this self destructing phase before it was too late.

Since then, I have turned my life around and achieved many wonderful things. After doing some travelling, I came back to England, worked hard and saved up to go to university. I studied for a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and graduated in Michigan with Honors at 21. I was offered an internship in Palm Springs, California shortly afterwards and then came back home to continue my career - progressing very quickly. Since then, I went on to purchase my first property. In September 2015 I decided to start this website.

What I have achieved is by no means special or unique, however I feel that I have overcome many challenges in my life that could have easily got the better of me. Unbeknown to me I was applying personal development techniques long before I started studying the subject - which wasn't until I was around 22.

My Promise To You 

There is an abundance of information out there regarding personal development, how to live a better life, apply positive thinking etc. What a lot of this advice lacks is an element of personal experience and supportive engagement. The ethos of this website is to support you and share what I have obtained on my journey of self evolution... and continue to every day. There are specific techniques that have enriched my life, enabling me to keep on top of persistent demons. These tools are my gift to you.

I have qualified as a life coach with both The Blackford Centre & also Ed Lester's Abundance Coaching Academy, based in New Zealand. Moving forward I aim to qualify as a psychotherapist. On the flip side, I believe that qualifications only go so far. What I have to offer are real life experiences, real emotions, and real solutions that I can confidently and openly discuss. If what I have to share helps just one person to improve their life in some way, then I consider myself successful. It was this burning desire which spurred me since starting this site, to obtain the appropriate qualifications. Since completing my training last year, I now offer affordable life coaching sessions that you will not be able to compare with anywhere else. My four week 'Free Spirit' package is also tailor made to anyone desperately seeking change, but not sure where to begin. Please see my  Empowerment Coaching  for more details. 

Get In Touch! 

Should you wish to discuss any of my pages/posts with me or simply get some advice on anything relating to personal development please feel free to drop me a message via - I will always respond.  I am also consistently looking for new ideas and content on my website so if you have any topics you would like to see covered please let me know!

My complimentary eBook 'Your Passport To Freedom' is also available when you subscribe to my weekly inspirational videos & articles.

I wish you luck creating all that your heart desires.

Thank you very much for reading.

Lots of Love & Light,

Holly xx

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A pleasure to meet you, Holly!
You have had quite the roller coaster life thus far, yet you seem to be so determined to plow through whatever life sends you. What a blessing you are to those that are going through what you have gone through! I hope you continue to grow and prosper in whatever path you decide to travel:)


Hey Holly,

I love the “angle” you’ve taken on your information your putting out there…Being REAL.

There are way too many “how to live life” in a box self help programs out there. It’s refreshing to see someone who speaks from experience and isn’t just trying to sell you their DVD or something.

Keep up the good work! Have you ever though about offering coaching through your site too? It would be the “next step” for your followers who really want to improve their lives with you and a great way to monetize your website!

Hi Holly, Thank you for sharing your story with others like me. I had a similar past but not as harm like you Lol. This is what the reason I checked your profile. It is so inspiring that I realized anyone can make a comeback in their life and turn into an achieving place. It was my ambition to do something good for the crowd (of course this is my passion ) using my personal insights and experiences but had no idea how to develop also would like to make a website which can carry my insights but now presently… Read more »

Hi Holly

What an inspiring story! I can really relate except that I didn’t sort my life out quickly, I use for 15 years. Drugs, alcohol, self harm…. you name it I tried it.

I also have a website where I share about my journey and try and help other addicts get clean.

I wish you all the best with your website and I am sure there will be plenty to help others on their way.


Nice to meet you!

Your story is inspiring and it seems that you are ready to help others in similar situations, which is awesome!

I have read a few of your posts and I find that they are very helpful when it comes to self-help.

Keep up the great work!


I love what you have to say about relationships. Still, at age 54, I still have difficulty with this one. Wondering if you’ve done couples therapy at any time, or even individual therapy to help with a relationship with another or with yourself? If you did try couples therapy, did you have a difficult time convincing your partner to go?


Hello, thank you for letting to know your life story and how you deal with it.
Nowadays, when stressful situations are common thing, inspiring stories are bliss and gives calming effect on us.
We need people who can show us how to behave in difficult situations, how to to get courage to accomplish things, got to achieve dreams.
As I see, you can write a lot great stories from your life.
I wish you best writing blogs and helping people to achieve their goals.
Cheers, Nemira.

Hi Holly, very nice meeting you. Really happy to view your site, and I will return. I believe you are in the personal development industry for all the right reasons. Obviously, one can learn much more from someone who has solved their problems than they can from someone who has never had problems. In order to coach people, you have to be able to relate to the issues they are going through. That’s why there is no “one size fits all” in life coaching. Thank you for sharing your life story with us, and I’m so glad you made it.… Read more »

Great, my first blog is also about Self Improvement. It is like same interest we have. The thoughts you wrote are life changing techniques and really worthy. If we try to follow certain rules in our life then we must win half of the battle very easily. The more we be in charge of our own minds the more we have power to create what we want. Keep on writing.


Hey there Holly!
Great about me page. Thank you so much for sharing your story for us, I feel that everyone has a story and not everyone is as willing to share as you are. And to think that you managed to turn your experiences into positive vibes and a positive life – amazing!
Sending you my best regards Holly, wishing you the best!

Hello Holly, I relate to your desire to develop into a better person as I’ve had some issues with abusing alcohol and being a not-so excellent person in the past. Recently I’ve broken out of that phase in my life and am striving to better myself in specific areas of my life. And although, I haven’t achieved anything extraordinary yet, I’m hopeful because I know I’m on my way to do so. It’s good to know that there are other people like me out there who have gone through similar struggles in life and I commend you for changing your… Read more »

Sweet! I love to hear personal experience from people with self-help type blogs. It seems to make everything about the site that much more real and genuine. It also seems (at least from my experience) that most truly beautiful things come after some really tough times. It’s kinda weird how it works like that.

Well anyways, great site and good vibes. Keep up the positivity spreading! I love it. 🙂

David Donahue

Love this website. Its true sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves for no reason. I believe we are not born damaged but life events can really wear us down especially if you have too many negative ones. I like what you have done here and am sure your site is a great resource for so many! Dave

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