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7 Top Tips To Achieving Self Love

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Have you ever experienced a time in your life where whatever situation or topic you can think of just feels terrible? There doesn’t appear to be any solutions and all you want to do is detach yourself from everything and everyone?

Well, it’s ok because we’ve all been there and right now you’re in the perfect place.

These seven top tips I’m about to share are vital in helping you to create a sense of self love on a daily basis by doing small little things that will maintain a high level of happiness in your life. No matter what’s going on .

They’ll also give you the strength  and reassurance you may be needing to pursue your deepest desires, dreams and passions. Regardless of how insecure others may make you feel about them.

So what’s self love and why is it so important?

Self love is simply an act of kindness you show towards yourself. That’s it – there’s no hard and fast rules about how it’s done. Self love is very personal to you because it’s about doing whatever makes you happy. And if there’s any part of you that believes this is selfish then click here to discover why self love is the opposite of selfish  

The relationships we have with other people reflect the relationship that we have deep down with ourselves. When you start to look after yourself it influences the other people around you. Simply put – when you’re happier and more content, you have more to give and share with others.

So if you’re struggling with various relationships right now and are lacking confidence in who you are and what you believe you have to offer, you can turn this around for yourself immediately. Watch my video below or alternatively, keep reading.

My seven top tips for self love are:

#1 Treat yourself: Keep your eye out for something special that you want and treat yourself whether that be with small things on a weekly basis or big things on a monthly basis. You work hard, no doubt, day in day out managing all kinds of responsibilities and expectations. So treat yourself by doing something nice for you.

#2 Journaling: When you journal on a regular basis, it helps you reflect and get clarity on why you’re thinking or feeling the way you are.  Plus it’s a great healing process because in our daily lives and relationships we tend to follow the same patterns that limit our potential. Journaling is a really powerful tool to help you get to know yourself better and understand what any negative emotions that regularly surface are all about.

#3 Shake up your routine: Throw yourself out of your comfort zone by experiencing new things and new places. Go to the beach or go for a country walk, get yourself out and about. If you haven’t seen friends for a while, give them a call. Do something different. It will help you to ignite your passion and purpose and quickly bring about a brand new ‘zest’ for every day life.

#4 Gratitude:Take note of your surroundings and be more mindful of all the blessings you have. When you acknowledge what you’re already happy with and grateful for it has a magical impact on the mind. It creates a sense of wellbeing and abundance by putting any routine habitual worries into perspective. Plus, it not only feels great in the moment but it also attracts more of the same towards you. Remember, whatever we appreciate in our lives appreciates on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level 🙂

#5 Do something nice for someone else: In reference to the powerful Law of Attraction, doing a kind deed for someone else will never ever go unpaid. It will also boost your self esteem and self worth by being of service to another and knowing they appreciate you because of it. This will enrich your relationships all round because you’ll become more aware of what you’re doing for the people around you rather than what they’re doing for you.

#6 Stop all self criticism: This is the biggest form of self harm there is! Whenever you’re doubting your self worth or not feeling good enough, stop the negative trail of thought by being kind to yourself. Instead think:

“You know what, it’s okay, it’s fine that I am where I am. I may not have all the answers right now but that doesn’t mean I can’t make progress”

When we’re not able to support and love ourselves we can’t expect anyone else to. All self assurance needs to start from within in order to create a rock solid foundation for true confidence to emerge. Learn more about that here with Louise Hay’s Mirror Work

#7 Take yourself out on a date: If romance is currently missing from your life, then give yourself as much love as possible.  Make time for yourself whether it’s a whole day or even just three or four hours. Make it all about you by providing yourself with the love and kindness you’re seeking from others. Book yourself in at the local spa or go on a shopping spree. Cook yourself a nice meal and have a candlelit dinner. You’re worth it!

No matter what anyone tells you, the most important relationship you will always have will be with yourself. Circumstances in our lives are constantly changing and various people come and go. But if you’re able to be your own best friend by giving yourself the love, strength and encouragement that we all require to navigate the ups and downs…

It will create positive changes in your relationships, the way you perceive the world and most importantly of all – the role in which you decide you want to play.

If you implement even just one or two of these self love tips you will quickly begin to feel the uplifting shifts taking place inside your heart and mind. And from that unique place of personal power anything and everything you want to achieve will be yours for the taking.

Love &  Light,

Holly xx

Want to take self love to an even deeper and more exciting level? Click here to learn all about the ‘4 p’s’

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