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The Law of Attraction: 3 Super Powerful Affirmations To Manifest Money

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Affirmations are hugely misunderstood and so is money making.

Society tells us that in order to manifest money and create a better lifestyle for ourselves we must work very hard, sacrifice and struggle…

Hence why it’s difficult for the average person to connect with a sense of true passion and purpose in their life.

In regards to affirmations however, people get even more confused. They assume that if they say the same thing over and over, somehow they will get results and see the money manifest into their lives overnight.

But here’s the main reasons as to why this doesn’t work:

  1. They choose the wrong affirmations for themselves
  2. They’ll uses multiple affirmations obsessively, quickly get bored, overwhelmed and frustrated
  3. Or they’ll say the affirmations a few times then forget all about them
  4. They use the affirmations daily but spend most of their time moaning and thinking negatively
  5. They don’t fully understand the process and deep down believe that affirmations don’t work

How to manifest money properly

You’ll be pleased to know that in this blog I’m going to talk you through how to choose the correct affirmation for yourself and use it to effectively (and quickly) manifest money for yourself.

Before I provide you with the three most powerful affirmations to manifest money though, I want to make something very clear.

If you can grasp the concept of what I’m about to tell you, then using affirmations will not only become fun but you will experience results immediately. Using affirmations will become a new way of life for you and open doors that you never thought possible.

Ok, so here goes…

Every single thought you think is an affirmation.

And a belief is simply a thought you keep thinking, over and over and over – whether that be good or bad. The majority of these beliefs are programmed into us as children and become a part of our psyche.

Although the good news is, we can heal those inner child beliefs if we really want to.

So the best way to use affirmations is to choose one that is believable to you right now and also one that most importantly of all FEELS good when you think it.

Because the more of an emotional connection you have with your affirmation, the more impact it will have in changing your thought process and therefore your ability to manifest money.

As a result of this shift in perspective, the level of money you are currently attracting into your life will increase. Plus you will also discover more exciting ways to manifest money that align with your true passions.

Now, I’m well aware a lot of people would tell you this all sounds too good to be true. Chances are those individuals don’t have a lot of money themselves, never have done and probably never will – which is very unfortunate for them.

Watch my video below to understand further why this is and how your thoughts and words (right now) are dictating your entire relationship with money.  Alternatively carry on reading below.


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Ok so here’s the deal, plain and simple.

The thoughts and emotions that you’re currently thinking right now are determining how much money you are letting into your life – or not.

So of course… we want to improve that starting right away don’t we?

Here’s how we do this…

I’m going to give you three affirmations to choose from. Watch the video above to learn more about why each one works so well to manifest money no matter what your beliefs are about using the Law of Attraction and manifesting money right now.

Pick just ONE from the following… you can always choose another once you’ve successfully got your first choice working for you.

  1. I am willing to release all resistance towards money
  2. I am able to pay all of my bills easily and effortlessly
  3. I am a money magnet. I love money and money loves me

Now the reason why I want you to only choose one is because as I said in the beginning, many people get carried away with affirmations, overwhelm themselves and then continue to carry on with their negative thinking patterns anyway. Therefore the affirmations have minimal effect and lead people to believe they don’t work.

What I want you to do is choose the one that feels best to you right now. Watch the video above where I explain how this works according to your current beliefs using the Law of Attraction to manifest money.

When you choose the right affirmation you will know because you will feel the emotional impact. Not only does it excite you but the added power behind this is that your subconscious mind (which is where all of your negative beliefs about manifesting money are stored) will be sitting up and paying attention.

This is where and how the real change takes place and your only job is to make this affirmation your new best friend. It will become your anchor so that when you find yourself having negative habitual thoughts about money, your income or anything to do with your ability to manifest money, (i.e. getting a promotion at work or a raise) you can interrupt that negative story with your chosen money affirmation.

TIP: to make this process even more powerful for you and speed up the results, write your chosen affirmation 10x every single night. This makes it stick in your mind more fervently and replace negative thoughts and beliefs sooner, especially if you do it just before falling asleep. Find out more about the power of writing affirmations by reading my other popular blog post.

If you would like to take this one step further and discover how you can not only manifest money but do it by igniting your true passion and purpose in life, click here for a very special formula.

The number one rule to making affirmations effective so that they manifest money for you is to let your emotions be your guide. The three affirmations I’ve provided will most definitely help you to connect with what’s really going on beneath the surface for you so you can shift your entire perspective on money for good.

You are a powerful creator and however much money you want to manifest is up to you. The power of that decision lies with you and you alone.

Forget about all societal and economic rules because those who are truly successful have an independent mindset that tells them otherwise. And those are the leaders who use change to create new opportunities and solutions in order to get the results they want, regardless of current circumstances.

So apply this exact process as I’ve given it to you so you can manifest money and live the life that you want and deserve starting today.

Happy Manifesting!

Love & Light,

Holly xx

Click here for 7 more fun ways to manifest money and feel free to share your money manifesting success stories below 🙂

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