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Think Tranquility

Small steps... that can make a big difference today

Its all about why – that’s where the juice and drive really lives.

Lots of people don’t know what they are working towards or even what they want in life. That’s why they run round in circles year in year out and complain about how miserable they are.

When I was younger I was determined to graduate in America.

I did not have the financial means to make this happen and nor could I secure a student loan to study in the States. Yet, I found a way of studying a business degree with a university in Michigan. I was also able to remain in London for the most part of my course.

Although cheaper, this meant that I had to fund for everything myself and work like a dog to cover all the costs.

For the next couple of years I worked and studied non stop, doing “all nighters” frequently. I had no social life. The only days I had to myself was every other Sunday which was usually spent doing coursework.

It was tough but I was able to fulfil my dream of going to America for my finals and graduate. Shortly after graduation, I was offered a job in California for a year.

Throughout all that time of having to make countless sacrifices (including adequate sleep) the vision I had of getting exactly what I wanted kept me going. It kept that fire in my belly alive.

What Are Your True Intentions?

So, why are you getting out of bed every day and doing what you do?

And please don’t tell me it’s to pay the bills, keep a roof over your head and put food on the table.

That may be part of the reason but we both know you’ve got secret dreams that are far more thrilling than that.

If they aren’t then it’s possible you are currently a member of the ‘going round in circles chasing my tail’ group. If that’s the case, then we need to break you out asap!

Perhaps you want a more exciting career with an income to match?

Or maybe you want to experience more love and joy in your life?

What if to some degree it’s both? Possibly it’s time for an inspirational spring clean in multiple areas and you’re not quite sure where to begin?  (I’ve known that feeling alright)

I’m going to leave that with you for now to decide which category you fall into.

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life”
Robin S Sharma

In every moment we are moving closer towards our dreams or further away from them.

One thing I have learnt over the years is that you are a lot closer to what you want than you realise. All it takes is a shift in your awareness. From there, beautiful things start to blossom.

Love and light,

Holly xx

If you are ready to upgrade your life but not sure how click here to watch something that transformed my way of living for good.

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Dionne Ford
Dionne Ford

Lovely article Holly ! You have helped me to become more aware of the fact that you can make changes in any area of your life regardless of your age ! I’ve just landed my dream job and my love life is looking more hopeful keep you posted love & light always x

Dionne x

Small steps that can make a big difference today.... 
Think Tranquility
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