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Where the hell are you? Have you got lost?


How have you been? What’s been happening in your world?

Yesterday, I was sitting in my Mum’s garden just reflecting on a bunch of stuff… actually pretty deep stuff if I’m honest. What occurred to me was something quite profound that I felt I had to share with you.

With the nature of my work it’s so easy to get absorbed in the ‘how to’ of everything…. action, action, action – non bloody stop. Fight through the fears, heal, develop, grow and learn. Smash all those goals and don’t stop till you get there blah blah blah.

These are the nature of conversations I have everyday with not just my clients but with myself in my own head. What to do next, how to go about it… what’s the purpose and intention behind the action I am taking? Always measuring the outcome.

Isn’t it exhausting and simply monotonous at times? Like a constant uphill struggle and battle? I mean c’mon… where’s our gold at the end of the rainbow? Where’s all the rich juicy fruits of our labour?

You know the song by Eminem ‘Lose Yourself’? Well that song was very relevant yesterday (and no not in a good way!) I actually had to really think about things I genuinely enjoy, for no reason whatsoever.

It then suddenly dawned on me that we are all so busy chasing specific results that most of us have lost ourselves along the way!  Fun for the reckless sake of it has slowly become a foreign concept.

How flippin’ sad and depressing is that?

Let’s make a pact shall we?

Does everything we do really need to have a reason or a purpose behind it?

From today I’ve decided to toss all those strategic rules out the window and ‘just be’. As in – just do what I want, when I feel like it… especially if it is completely pointless and fun.

So later, I may go to the local funfair, eat loads of ice cream and then go on the big dipper or maybe I’ll just spin around to my favourite song on maximum until I’m dizzy and cant see straight.

Fancy joining me?

Life’s too short for hard work and boredom 24/7 If we’ve got time for all that, then we’ve definitely got time for some lighthearted fun.  It’s that exhilaration and excitement that nourishes our unique spirit and sparkle,.. which is far more essential right? From there everything else we desire is born. THAT’S the gold at the end of the rainbow and THAT’S the ripened fruits of our labour. Why wait to embrace it?

Wishing you a fun fuelled day,

Holly xx

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