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Small steps... that can make a big difference today

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Welcome to Think Tranquility – thank you for taking the time to visit

Welcome! It’s a pleasure to have you here!

My name is Holly and I am the founder of Think Tranquility – a coaching practice dedicated to helping women create true love in their life... on EVERY level. 

Before I tell you everything you need to know about that, let me briefly share with you my own story (so you know I'm not full of complete sh*t)

Just a few short years ago I was in an abusive relationship, a job I hated and had practically given up the will to live. Every morning I woke up to the same mundane existence with no hope left in my heart. The idea of "living my dreams" and having the romance I craved seemed like a far cry from the reality I was living.

Until one day in 2016 I decided that "enough was enough". I had a choice. I could spend the rest of my life being miserable or I could take back my power and become the woman I knew deep down I was born to be. 

So I made a commitment to myself that from then on it was going to be the latter...

and in just under a year I changed my entire life 

And now? Now I am a successful Empowerment Coach for women living a life I love on my terms and travelling the world at leisure. When it comes to love I'm never short of options and am guilt-free when I say that men chase ME... not the other way around (like before). I also live on a beautiful island in my dream home by the sea. 

If you'd have told me all this back in those darker days I wouldn't have believed you. I would have said "yeah right, whatever".

Although today my eyes are permanently open to all the magic and opportunity that this Universe has to offer. And most importantly how each one of us possesses a unique strength and beauty from within that can carry us wherever we want it to

Because there’s nothing worse than a woman who believes she’s not good enough… that she’s not got ‘quite’ what it takes to do whatever (and I mean whatever!) she wants. Be it attract her ‘dream guy’ who loves and respects her unconditionally. Or perhaps live carefree and explore the world with arms wide open to every possibility under the sun. Or maybe even both… along with everything else she can imagine in between.

These powerful women are of a rare breed. They are the kind of empowered ladies most others either quietly envy or openly resent. Unlike the majority, they are not afraid to be exactly who they are, do what they want and not give two hoots about the consequences. It’s those qualities that women such as Marilyn Monroe and Oprah Winfrey possessed to achieve everything (and anyone!) they turned their sights towards.

What life are you secretly dreaming of?     

The reason why 96% of women don’t have this mindset is because they are surrounded by people and circumstances that reinforce their low self-esteem on an ongoing basis.

So if there is a part of you that believes you are not capable of having a relationship full of love, trust and respect or a life that is bursting with passion and prosperity I'm here to prove you wrong! 

There is no longer any need to settle for how things are, and give up on the dream lifestyle you have secretly envisioned for yourself.

Instead it's time to look in the mirror and see what a powerful woman stands there... a woman who in actual fact can be, do or have anything she damn well pleases.   

And I'm here as living proof that all this "fluffy stuff" is more than just a fantasy - it's very much a way of life... if you choose for it to be. What's more I'm also here to take you by the hand (like I have for over 100 women already) and show you precisely how YOU can create true love for yourself in any and every way you want... one step at a time... starting right now... and without further delay. 


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Small steps that can make a big difference today.... 
Think Tranquility
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