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Welcome! It’s a pleasure to have you here. My name is Holly and I am the founder of Think Tranquility – a coaching practice dedicated to helping women regain their inner strength and beauty.

There’s nothing worse than a woman who believes she’s not good enough… that she’s not got ‘quite’ what it takes to do whatever (and I mean whatever!) she wants. Be it attract her ‘dream guy’ who loves and respects her unconditionally. Or perhaps live carefree and explore the world with arms wide open to every opportunity under the sun? Or maybe even both… along with everything else she can possibly imagine in between?

These women are of a rare breed. They are the kind of women most others either quietly envy or openly resent. Unlike the majority, they are not afraid to be exactly who they are, do what they want and not give two hoots about the consequences. It’s those qualities that women such as Marilyn Monroe and Oprah Winfrey possessed to achieve everything they turned their sights to.

What life are you secretly dreaming of?     

The reason why 96% of women don’t have this mindset is because they are surrounded by people and circumstances that reinforce their low self-esteem on an ongoing basis. All these women are then left convinced that they are not capable of having a life full of love, joy and prosperity. So they just settle for how things are, even though it is so far removed from the life they secretly envision for themselves.

They don’t look in the mirror and see what a powerful woman stands before them... a woman who in actual fact can be, do or have anything she damn well pleases.   

Having been in this dark place myself, I am here as living proof to demonstrate that all these disempowering thoughts and feelings we carry about ourselves can be completely transformed. I am also here to take such women by the hand and show them precisely how they can do this for themselves... starting right now. Without delay.

Watch my five minute video below to:

Discover how I broke free from an abusive relationship, a job I hated and managed to change my entire life in under a year

PLUS, what exclusive complimentary gift I would love to share with you. A gift that will enable you to start taking baby steps (or giant leaps if you prefer!) towards a life that lights you up from within 



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Hello and thank you very much for visiting Think Tranquility. My name is Holly and I am 29 years old. I was born and raised in London but have recently relocated to Dorset. My two major passions in life are travelling and...


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